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‘Instruments of Change’ art adventure at the Fullerton Museum Center

ART - March 30, 2020

‘Instruments of Change’ is another killer exhibition curated by Thinkspace Projects at the Fullerton Museum Center. Dan and I went on the last weekend of February to view the exhibition and I’m glad we ventured into the OC to see it. Afterward, we walked over to a cute little place called Let It Brie for a glass of wine and one of their amazing charcuterie boards. Fingers crossed they make it through this shutdown.

I decided not to do a voice-over in this art vlog because at the moment I’m having trouble finding the words to talk about the work. While at the museum, I just looked at all the colors and detail of the pieces and murals. It left me with an impression, a feeling, and I’m not confident in the words I would find right now to describe my thoughts.

So instead, here is a great article about ‘Instruments of Change’ from the LA Times.

With everything shut down, I’m starting to appreciate art and museums on a whole new level. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who is being self-reflective and realizing just how much they take for granted. Every morning I wake up and return to a place of gratitude, no matter the situation, I choose to start from gratitude.

Sending a prayer to everyone being impacted by this pandemic, and the hope that when we collectively move out of this shadow we are able to embrace the light.

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