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Add To Cart: Notebooks

HOME + LIFESTYLE - March 15, 2021

Notebook people are extraordinarily skilled at justifying the purchase of a new notebook. No ambition is too small not to receive its own dedicated log. Scribbled into several notebooks are our thoughts, ideas, “note to self” reminders, fears, and accomplishments—a group of us notebook people knowing that their half-used notebooks with blank pages outnumber the completed journals. Eco-guilt is pulling at the edges of our stationery-obsessed hearts, so we promise to finish our notebooks before buying another. And our eyes wander to stationery accessories that will enhance the ritual of putting pen to paper—the lure of a fresh notebook itching at the back of our mind.

Here are collection of notebooks and other items I would add to cart:

  1. Artists Set (Poketo) | $ 117
  2. Meadows Notebook (Erin Condren) | $16.00 / on sale: $12.80
  3. Birds of Paradise Lined Notebook (Erin Condren) |$20.00 / on sale: $16.00
  4. 60s Eye Pattern Notebook (Society6) | $14.99
  5. Vintage & Shabby Chic – Autumn Harvest Black Notebook (Society6) | $14.99
  6. Fruit Stickers (Shout&About) | $5.00
  7. Object Notebook in Sunrise (Poketo) | $24.00
  8. Self Planner (Poketo) | $28.00
  9. I Got This Notepad ( People I Have Loved)| $12.00
  10. Eye Dream Journal in Lemon (Rainbow Vision) | $26.00
  11. Make It Happen Journal (People I Have Loved) | $15.00
  12. Rainbow Waves (Papier) |$26.99
  13. n/a
  14. Flower Power Notebook (Rainbow Vision) |$14.00
  15. Stacked Shapes (Papier) | $26.99
  16. Joy (Papier) | $26.99
  17. Pencil & Paper Co. Take Note Pens (Anthropologie) |$14.00
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