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It’s National Compliment Day & You’re Awesome!

HEALTH & WELLNESS, HUSTLE & FLOW - January 24, 2017

It’s another silly holiday that makes life a little more fun, it’s National Compliment Day. Now, I believe compliments should be sprinkled around like glitter because they bring joy and will stick to you all day. Compliments are free gifts of happiness that anyone can give and receive. Inspired to celebrate National Compliment Day I created 3 fun compliments that can be shared with your friends, coworkers, family members or basically anyone you think fits the below compliments. If you want to take this digital compliment offline and give it to someone IRL (in real life), then just print them out using the PDF link I have below. They are large enough to write your own message on the back and are guaranteed to make someone smile. I genuinely think you’re awesome for checking out my compliments post and I hope you make someone else’s day awesome too.

Happy National Compliment Day! 

click here for the PDF: Compliments_IRL

National Compliment Day_Hustle

National Compliment Day_ Brains and Beauty

National Compliment Day_Badass

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