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GA : Little 5 Points Halloween Parade

ADVENTURES, TRAVEL - October 31, 2015

little 5 points parade

October 18, 2014 | Day 17  – #ontheroad1014

One of the fun things about traveling during October is seeing all the different Halloween festivities. Last year, we got to see how Halloween was celebrated across the country from Kentucky to Lousiana. Luckily, when we were in Atlanta we got to experience their annual Little 5 Points Halloween parade. It’s a pretty big deal for that part of town, it seems like everyone dresses up and goes out to see it. A middle school friend of mine, who now lives in Los Angeles, at the time lived in Atlanta and turned us on to the event.

Earlier in the afternoon we had parked our car near an Urban Outfitters to explore the cool hipster shops nearby. We discovered the gnarliest antique shop, it seriously deserves its own post. But anyways, where we were was only a thirty-minute walk to the parade and I knew it would be foolish to try and find parking closer. We weren’t the only ones walking to the parade either,  the streets were filled with people! A mixture of characters in personality and costume, most of the time we were walking behind a “Robin Sparkles“.  When we arrived at the parade’s main street, there was no doubt we were in the right place,  people were sitting on top of buildings and holding themselves up on street signs. Every inch of sidewalk was taken up by a spectator.

Thankfully, we had a local to meet up with because I think I would have been insanely overwhelmed if I was on my own. We met her and her friends up on a hill for a great view of crazy floats. Trucks with trailers were decked out with riders in DIY costumes. My friend even gave me the lowdown on different floats, the small business that were behind it or who it was in memory of. You could really tell this was an event for a fun thriving community. As tomorrow is Halloween I figured this would be the perfect time to share my photos from the parade.

Atlanta Halloween Parade Atlanta Halloween Parade Atlanta Halloween Parade Atlanta Halloween Parade Atlanta Halloween Parade

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