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A Soulful Long Walk in Long Beach

ADVENTURES - April 12, 2020

The spark in my soul has been dwindling

For a person who loves to go on adventures, being out and about is what lights up my soul. Whether it’s venturing out on a hiking trail or window shopping and enjoying lunch at a cool cafe – I love the exploration. The spark in my soul has been dwindling

The spark in my soul has been dwindling because of the necessary precautions to slow the spread of coronavirus. I haven’t been bored during this time of “stay-at-home” mandates, but exploring is what makes me feel alive. Then an internet friend posted how she went on a 2-hour walk in her neighborhood using a coin flip to determine her direction on Instagram Story. Color me inspired! I asked Dan if he would be up for a long walk in Long Beach and he was game.

So, the next day, my husband and I put on our masks, brought the dog, and explored the Bluff Heights area of Long Beach.

Needless to say, I feel like myself again.

Also, I made my first Easter Egg…

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