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Life Lesson from an Ice Cream Sandwich

EATS & DRINKS, SNAIL MAIL - August 24, 2018

When I was a kid I LOVED ice cream sandwiches, and it taught me a valuable life lesson.

I basically smeared chocolate cookie and ice cream everywhere.

When I was a kid I LOVED ice cream sandwiches. I’m not a huge ice cream person, but I still have a soft spot for the ice cream sandwich. The other day, as I was snacking on this tasty treat at Thinkspace Gallery, it reminded me of this mischievous story from my childhood.

One hot summer day during the commercial break of my favorite Disney Channel show, I grabbed an ice cream sandwich from the freezer. Obviously, I had many tasks to complete during this break, so for some reason, I took the treat with me to the bathroom, but promptly left it on the counter when I heard the tv show come back from its commercial break earlier than I anticipated. Well, as I was enthralled with the storyline, my ice cream sandwich was melting on the counter. I never went back for it. I think I left it there for a good hour. Don’t ask where my parental supervision was, latchkey kid all the way – BUT after whatever I was watching was over, or something uninteresting came on the tv, I returned to the bathroom to find ice cream all over the counter. I freaked out! Being only 5 years old I cleaned it up the best I could, with toilet paper. I basically smeared chocolate cookie and ice cream everywhere. Clearly unable to hide the evidence of my irresponsibility. I just locked the bathroom door and walked away.

It was another few hours until anyone attempted to open the bathroom. I continued watching tv, playing, doing what you do when your five years old. When my parents attempted to open the door, I denied knowing why it was locked. When they finally were able to get it unlocked to discover the ice cream sandwich madness within, my tiny handprints all over the counter and mirrors, I continued to deny knowing why it was locked. Eventually, I confessed to being guilty for locking the door and leaving my ice cream sandwich on the counter to melt.

Now as I reflect on this, I have to say my 5-year-old self had some real gumption to try and figure out how to clean up the mess they created all by themselves. It was my ice cream, so I should clean it up. Great sense of responsibility. Also, I learned at a very young age closing the door on a problem doesn’t make it go away. You have to face it straight on, and maybe asking for help when it’s a little too big to manage is smart too.

Next time you eat ice cream while feeling like life’s problems are a little too much to deal with, make the choice to find your sister and have her help clean up your mess before Mom and Dad find out.

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Lesson from the Little Mermaid: Never Forbid Your Kid…

SNAIL MAIL, WATCH - January 8, 2012

Parents learn from the Little Mermaid and never forbid your child from ever doing something, especially seeing a person.  Suggestion, opinion, and manipulation are the best forms of encouraging your child to stay away from something you disapprove, but never ever forbid them. If you forbid them bad things happen, we all know what happened to Ariel.

Tonight on my way home from the art gallery I was listening to love songs on the coast and this guy name Ricky dedicated a song to Gina; his girlfriend who’s parents have forbid him from seeing each other and he wanted to send out that love song dedication to say that he will prove his love and wait for her. Forbidding people, i.e.: teens, from seeing each other leads to idiotic decisions and irrational thoughts and expectations. Now that these parents threw up this roadblock in their relationship, they are now forced to “prove” their love and are more determined to stay together. Instead of just letting the young love burn out fast and fizzle like all young love does, because if the parents are trying to prevent them from having sex. Sorry parents but the truth is they probably have, or most definitely will now.

Learn from Triton from Little Mermaid, he forbid his daughter Ariel from going to the surface so you know what she goes and does instead; SELLS HER DAMN VOICE FOR LEGS!! You know if he would have just let her break the water every once in awhile she would have eventually grown bored or distracted by something else, but nope he forbid it so she decided to take matters into her own hands and made an irrational REBELLIOUS decision.

Don’t be stupid parents. Distract your child by sending them on vacation in another state with their aunt or take them on day trips places or something, anything; hell better yet bring the guy into your home APPROVE him, love him, and then she will really eventually stop liking him. But the kiss of death is forbidding him. We are not in the situation we are all in now because god gave the apple to Eve, no it was forbidden, the damn forbidden fruit. One cannot say no to what is forbidden, if the apple was highly un-recommended it would have probably been left untouched but no it was forbidden. Never forbid anything unless you want a really bad decision to be made, leading the entire world into original sin and a mute mermaid with legs inspiring an underwater apocalypse with a 100 foot octopus woman.

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