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EATS & DRINKS, TRAVEL - August 15, 2014

I love the term foodie as it expresses a person who appreciates and loves food, but isn’t a formal food critic. My NY Eats were a big part of my weekend in New York, and trying new restaurants is a big part of any adventure for me. I hope you enjoy reading my recap of where I ate, and I give you a sense of the space and flavors. I didn’t take notes so it’s all from memory.

Our first stop on Saturday was Williamsburg. Wei explained Williamsburg is what Los Feliz is to Los Angeles. Which, for the reader unfamiliar with both; can then compare to the hip part of town where successful architects, musicians, artists, and other creative types reside who have moved far out of the starving stage of their craft.  We got brunch at an adorable rustic looking restaurant called Rabbit Hole. It was still fastened with its late 19th century character. Molded ceiling and narrow bar running down the side. Apparently the back outdoor portion of the restaurant is really nice, but we were starved and I just wanted to be seated. So we were right in front next to a large window facing the street. It made for some great lighting, and I was seated beneath a funny sign.

brunch in williamsburg

The brunch menu was creative and hip. A balanced selection of savory and sweet. One could easily be torn between, stuffed brioche French toast with strawberry mascarpone or salmon egg benedict on an herb biscuit. Since my friend ordered lemon ricotta pancakes and was willing to share a bite. I ordered the salmon benedict.  I’m a bit of benedict addict, or in a classy sense a connoisseur.  And the Rabbit Hole’s benedict easily made my top 3 benedicts of all time. It was a good hollandaise sauce, but what stood out the most was the fantastic biscuit the salmon and poached egg rested on. It had the texture of a drop biscuit but was incredibly light and buttery. It easily crumbled just enough to get a bite on your fork and melt in your mouth. I will dream of that salmon eggs benedict. Liz’s lemon pancakes zinged with zest, but were not tart. Sweet like a lemon cake. Surprisingly I don’t like lemon desserts, but I enjoy lemon pancakes. The service was also delightful, I ordered Orange Juice and a coffee to combat last night’s mule, and our waitress was really great at keeping the joe flowing.

salmon eggs benedict on biscuit

Fast forward through a day of sightseeing and bucket list accomplishments. We met up with Wei’s friend Chris, and Liz’s boyfriend Darren at Bryant Park. Darren’s birthday was the following day, so it was his choice for where we’d go for dinner. And not sure of what he wanted to eat, his only request was that he wanted a big frosty mug of beer. There are only two types of dining establishments that sell large frosty mugs of beer, and those are German restaurants and Japanese restaurants. Chris and Wei the actual New Yorkers, were racking their brains when Darren was making his mug request. After repeating it a third time, the light bulb above Wei’s head burst and she knew exactly where to go. A Japanese restaurant called Kenka, there is a blinking badger outside of it.


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My Funny Valentine

EATS & DRINKS - February 15, 2012

Last year I spent my Valentines with a new beau. We watched Daybreakers and enjoyed tater-tots and seasoned fries, made love and it was a perfect valentines. Not flashy, but I enjoyed every moment.  This year was equally wonderful and simple. Even though it hasn’t officially happened yet, my mom and I decided to be eachother’s Valentine. My mom treated us to 30 minute shiatsu massages. Lately when I nap, I’m always thinking or problem solving to the point the only way I know I fell asleep is because I have very vivid nonsensical conversations with people that are not present when I come to.  It was extremely relaxing and I have no idea what my dream was about, but I feel I figured something out.

After our massage I Yelped for a new Ramen place in Gardena. We found this delicious place called, Mottainai Ramen.  I always go for Spicy Ramen, but it usually lacks in flavor and spice. For the first time the Ramen was ridiculously delicious. I slurped the broth almost till its last drop, can’t wait to go back for more.  The ramen place was tucked away in this little shopping center. After the dinner we decided to walk around and stumbled upon the most darling little Japanese Bakery, Vanille de Patisserie.

vanille de cake

The pastries and little cakes were so well made. Every color and design well placed, meticulously created, beautiful. It’s a place that would be ignored, it doesn’t have amazing foot traffic, but should be center stage. Just the right amount of sweet, and made me feel special. Am I still talking about the dessert?

Right now I’m drinking some red wine, left over from my birthday. Watching TV and sweet romantic storylines, I’m not sad or upset or gloomy. But filled with the beautiful hope of next year, who knows where I will be or who I will be with…maybe in Austin, with a drummer.

japanese cake display

cake box torrance

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