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Berry Ginger Cosmopolitan – Vita Frute Cocktail Review

EATS & DRINKS - March 29, 2014

Last night there was an earthquake and when I went to duck under my desk, I made sure to bring my cocktail with me.

I was given the chance to try Vita Frute Cocktails through a Klout Perk. Normally my spirits of choice are all brown and a part of the same family; Whiskey, Scotch, and Bourbon. But I’m not one to say no to trying new things.  An Acai Spirit, I thought it would be similar to Vodka.  I’m also not usually a Vodka drinker, but over the past year Mules have grown on me. As I really don’t care for sugary sweet drinks, I wanted to dilute the Vita Frute  pre-made cocktails. Being Mule-inspired I purchased a really good ginger beer to mix with it, Maine Root Ginger Brew.

So without  further ado, the Berry Ginger Cosmopolitan

 A Few sliced strawberries,
Some good ginger beer ( or ginger aid) poured over ice
 Finish with Vita Frute Cosmopolitan on top.

The drink was good, not trendy restaurant-worthy, but drinkable. Though honestly the Vita Frute tasted syrupy to me, and reminded me of something I would drink when I was 18 and my friends didn’t have whiskey.  I still have the Lemonade flavor to try, and I’m thinking I’ll make a blackberry ginger lemonade cocktail.  The jury is still out whether I would purchase this again, maybe for a party to provide different options. Although the ginger brew I bought had a very strong distinct flavor, and could have taken away from the potential brilliance of my cocktail. It wouldn’t be my go-to spirit, but I think girls that do love sugary drinks and pay attention to calories when drinking would enjoy this.

Purchasing my Vita Frute was an adventure  in itself, read about my Frute time at WeHo Pavilions.


Have you tried Vita Frute? What do you think? 

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Getting Frute at WeHo Pavilions

SNAIL MAIL - March 28, 2014

Let me just say I had one of the best experiences at the WeHo Pavilions on Santa Monica today. Filled with laughter and good vibes, I literally and figuratively saw rainbows as I left.  A month ago I received a Klout perk for Vita Frute Cocktails by Veev Sprits. Veev apparently is an Acai based spirit, and the cocktails are “The first line of organic and all-natural ready-to-drink cocktails. Just shake, pour over ice and enjoy! “.

My translation, Yay, organic alcohol with fewer calories so if you are keen on putting your liver through the ringer at least you know it won’t be affected by pesticides.  Clearly the marketing behind the alcohol isn’t for me, as I don’t care about any of that. I’m a solid taste based person, but then I never say no to a good Klout Perk. Although I did say no to the McDonalds Chicken Nuggets, I just didn’t need 20 nuggets for free, but I digress.

The perk was $25 off Vita Frute, which equates to 2 bottles free (basically), but it’s only available at Vons/Pavilions. After receiving this coupon, I noticed all the Vons or Pavilions around me are incredibly inconvenient to get to. The coupon expires Monday, so I was intending on getting my free booze this weekend. And then suddenly like a beautiful Unicorn, there is a Pavilions right next to work event I went to.

After the work thing I go into Pavilions, head straight for the spirits and with a metaphorical glowing halo light; there are only two bottles left. The two flavors I wanted, Cosmopolitan and Lemonade. These were also on sale for $7.20, previously $17.99. No wonder it’s practically sold out. Anyways I mosey to the cash register, a short line, and go to place that item divider bar thing between my bottles and the woman in front of me when I hear her say “Oh no”  or  “mmm hmm” –please reference video.

Taken back, I immediately pull my hand away thinking I have pissed this person off. I mean its West Hollywood, just earlier I saw a woman in a thong and see-through lace skirt. Sometimes a few marbles are loose. She then turns to me, with a sweet as pie smile along with incredibly embarrassed expression and said, “Oh sweetie, I’m on the phone”. The woman, cashier, and I all burst out into boisterous laughter.

The friendly cashier, who was still giggling along with me over what just happened, wrung up by two bottles of Vita Frute that were at a discount. When I gave him the coupon for $25, well the bottles only wrung up for $15. Needless to say, it confused the system. He had to find a manager to discuss further steps.  Now it’s a Friday night, after work, and I have become “that person”. Feeling terrible that due to my coupon, the cashier has abandoned the line; I turn to the man behind me and make a light joke and apologize.  He tells me not to worry about it, and he had zoned out for a minute completely forgetting he was in a grocery store.

Just then the cashier came back saying they would need to keep the coupon, but manually could do the discount. I know I was technically losing $10 on the coupon, since the bottles were only $15. But at the same time I was supposed to receive two complimentary bottles, and two complimentary bottles I was getting.  The man that was standing behind me asked about the alcohol I was buying, and I explained it was an Acai Sprit Organic New Alcohol. He seemed interested, and maybe he will try it in the future.

Anyways, I left that Pavilions filled with laughter and good vibes. The bagger even complimented my dress! Seriously rainbows people, rainbows…

Read about the Berry Ginger Cosmopolitan Cocktail I made with Vita Frute



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