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AZ & CO : We drove all night…

ADVENTURES, TRAVEL - October 3, 2014

Words can not properly describe how exhausted I am, as Bowerbird and I left for the Grand Canyon at 1:30am in the morning. After a week filled with sleepless nights due to work and planning, the day of my trip I couldn’t for the life of me actually fall asleep. I’ve been so excited and filled with anxiety, my racing mind has kept me up. Now I’m in Durango, Colorado completely zombiefied and pushing a blog post out of me so here goes.


Bowerbird had stopped at little Colorado canyon in the past and wanted me to see this beautiful formation. The thing about the Grand Canyon, although it is amazing in size, scope, pure enormity; it’s really hard to absorb all of it. Especially if you are not doing a helicopter tour, or hiking from the bottom to the top. It’s a limited experience. With the little Colorado canyon, you can see to the bottom, you can see where the horizon is and the flat land breaking off into a cavernous pit below. At the same time we were visiting the LCC, ¬†four Irish men were as well. Their accent were distinguishable off the bat, and I wondered if they were from Belfast. (Because of Sons of Anarchy of course)

When I had the courage to approach them, I said I was assuming they’re accent was Irish and they said I was correct, in which I proceeded to ask where from. When they told me Dublin, I replied I thought it could be Belfast and we had a good laugh. As the two men walked away to their other friends, they remarked how someone else had asked if they were French. I replied, “French? You’re clearly Irish men, the 1/4 Irish in me knows this”. The men laughed again and he said well in that case, and pulled out a magnet of Ireland. I haven’t had a chance to take a picture but I found the same one online. It was truly touching to me, and I replied “It’s because I’m a Gleason”. Gleason being my grandmother’s maiden name. Personally I feel that this magnet wasn’t just a friendly Irish gift, it was a way of my grandmother telling me she is protecting me on this journey.




I bought a real point and shoot for this trip for low lighting and potentially self timed pictures. Today I was able to use the 10 second self timer, and being able to get Bowerbird and I in the same shot with cool stuff in the background is kind of a huge highlight…



…and now I’ve run out of steam, I seriously can’t think and the comfortable Airbnb bed I’m writing this on is sinking me lower into it’s mattress. I feel like my typing fingers are 20 feet away from my burning eyes and exhausted mind. As soon as I catch up on some sleep more detail reviews of the trip will come but for now GOOD NIGHT!

and wow I’m on the road.

Basically, first day was amazing but I’m EXHAUSTED!

more photos…

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