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WA: Mystic and Wild Mushrooms of the PNW

ADVENTURES, TRAVEL - April 5, 2016

I find mushrooms to be so magical! I remember being fascinated by their sudden appearance in our front lawn and learning about the unique bio-makeup of fungus in school. One of my earlier memories was my dad making sure I knew NOT to eat wild mushrooms on our front lawn and only mushrooms from grocery stores. I love the various formations mushrooms grow in, and I think their spectrum of toxicity is so mystical. Mushrooms are so witchy wonderful and when we were on our Pacific Northwest road trip I had the opportunity to see so many unique mushrooms growing in the wild. I don’t know the names of any of the mushrooms I found, and Bowerbird did try to identify a few although I wouldn’t dare try to eat any without proper mushroom education. If I ever moved to the PNW or Northern California where wild mushrooms flourish, I think I’d become a mushroom hunter, spending my weekends hiking around to see what new fungi I could discover.

The following photos were taken while on a hike up Mt. Ellinor in Washington and a trail in the Redwoods National Forrest.

wild mushroom in the sun

Redwoods Wild Mushrooms

hidden wild mushrooms

Wild Mushrooms Redwoods

nibble mushrooms

redwood mushrooms

redwoods wild mushrooms fungus

flying saucer mushroom


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Little Things – Episode 2

HEALTH & WELLNESS - February 10, 2016

The second episode in my Little Things series is live. I am so excited to have started this series and even with a broken vlogging camera, I’ve pushed forward with my camera phone. Little Things is a passion project that has brought daily joy into my life. It’s week three and I’m still afraid I won’t find a “Little Thing” and then I do! I wonder if that fear will ever go away. I hope my little things are helping to bring a little joy into your life. Last week we (my fiance and I) were hit with some bad news, but life goes on and we have to appreciate the little moments that make it sparkle in the darkest of times.


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The Little Things – my new YouTube series!

HEALTH & WELLNESS - February 1, 2016

I believe there is something magical and special about each and every day. It might sound cliché but the smallest thing can add a bit of wonder to a 24 hour period if you open your heart and mind to seeing it. When I get caught up in stress, negativity, the hustle and bustle of life it makes me turn inwards and towards self-pity; it makes me miss out on the little moments that add glitter to living. The inner turmoil is a cloud around my head that makes it hard to see the beauty and blessings around me.

When I was in high school it was brought to my attention that I look at the world differently. I’d point out cool things around me or share a random fact I found out and be received with laughter and an “oh Bekka.” I never let it harden me, but till this day I still receive resistance to my love of little things, small measures that sometimes make a big impact on my day.

I’ve decided to start sharing these Little Things in a weekly YouTube series, to be posted every Sunday evening. My sister names my desire and passion for magical moments a love for “life nuggets.” I’ve had a hard time over the years figuring out what I’m truly passionate about, but amidst sister conference calls, it always comes back to “life nuggets,” I’m really passionate about life.  Ever since I walked away from acting I realized passion wasn’t how much you loved something, but how much bullshit you’re willing to put up with. Well, life is filled with a lot of bullshit and I still thinks it’s an incredible gift each and every day.

I hope you enjoy my little things and please subscribe to follow the series.

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