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Road Map

ADVENTURES, SNAIL MAIL - January 1, 2012

It begins.

Afraid I will become distracted again I need to keep around reminders of my dream, of who I am, my true wants and spirit. This morning I went with my mom to Target and a map of the US flashed in my mind covered with yarn markings and notes. Already on a strict budget diet at this point, I had to pick up a map and there was a 2011 road atlas for $2.50 to cheap to pass up. Looking through the book, seeing the map hanging on my bedroom wall with May 2013 written somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico the dream is starting to already become real. I never put a date on my road trip, I always just said it was something I was going to do. Putting a date on anything is powerful and profound, it shows this is when that is going to happen or not happen. There is no trying, it either will or will not. What kind of person are you? Will I be the kind of person who makes excuses to why it didn’t happen, or the one that pushes and fights for it. For the first time my dream has a date, and I think it’s the perfect timing.

Continue to remind myself I only have one life. And a job can not define it. A great job is amazing, but it means nothing if it prevented me from fulfilling my true destiny.

I don’t even know where to start on my map. I’ve looked at the highways, drive down to San Antonia, up to Austin, over to New Orleans. The route and possibilities are endless. May 2013 will come sooner than expected. I sort of feel like I’m planning for my wedding day, and I really hope I don’t get cold feet.

Lastly as I look at sights to see and national parks to visit, I am going to keep a small notebook of all my ideas with me so whenever I reach for my wallet to pay for a coffee or a dress I see that notebook and remind myself what that money could really go towards.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – you will never know how much my life needed you.

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