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A New American Anthem

The day David Bowie died, I took the day off of work.

I work for myself, so it sounds more dramatic than it actually was, but I hope it communicates the extent to which I loved Bowie. I grew up listening to the full Bowie catalog, but truth is I never really liked the song Under Pressure. I think Vanilla Ice ruined the baseline for me. So whenever it came on I tuned it out, I just waited for it to be over and move on to the next song. Until today, and I realized, Under Pressure is the anthem America needs right now.

Last year was a dark Christmas, we were all anxious to get out of the misery that was 2016 and then Donald Trump was elected President and it left many of us wondering what new hell have we entered into. And now that 2017 is coming to a close, we’re more familiar with this new world that is Alice’s LCD laced wonderland. Tension is high, civility is low. Humanity has wins like the fall of Harvey Weinstein and the election of openly transgender people to public office and government positions. Yet, the heartbreaking loss of life due to acts of terrorism like the mass shootings in Las Vegas and Sutherland Spring Texas, the vehicles that plowed into crowds in Spain and New York,  leaves us watching the pain and suffering rise, wondering if a tweet will set off a nuclear attack while ordering avocado toast for brunch.

It’s bleak. Despite all the good, there is all this bad and the pendulum continues to swing violently back and forth. Not to mention that the troubles of Americans still hardly compare to those in war-torn countries, so lets all choke on a slice of perspective pie before bitching about the post office or parking this holiday season.

When I finally listened to the lyrics of the song, I felt it outlined our current social environment poetically.  Showing us the woes of humanity, only to give us the one real solution that is universal and stands the test of time – LOVE.

Yup, act in love. Live in love. Be love to those you’re compelled to hate. Give love. Love is the release valve.

So, Under Pressure is my new anthem to keep me accountable for my part in this thing called life.

The pressure is real. How will it be dealt with?

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My first mixtape of 2016! On new years day, I played the David Bowie radio station on Spotify while getting ready for our annual morning hike. I had decided to wear my Bowie t-shirt and dedicate the year to an inspiring man who embodies reinvention; ready to go into 2016 embracing the artist in me and committing to being a fearless version of myself. So when I heard Bowie passed away, I was devastated. Last Monday I was totally distracted and in a haze, but I moved on through the week with WWDBD on my mind, what would David Bowie do. I had been creating this playlist for a few weeks now and just today decided to frame it with two of my favorite Bowie songs, songs that jog some of my earliest memories.

Also, I wanted to share a new years game I play. I always seem to find myself at some point on New Year’s day in my car and I like to use my radio as a fortune teller. Before turning on the radio I ask the universe/ tell the universe the first song I hear will be a reflection of 2016, this year it was “Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money. Read into it what you will.


“Fame” – David Bowie / “Take My Home Tonight” – Eddie Money / “Wild Horses” – The Rolling Stones / “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” – Chromatics / “Weird Little Birthday Girl” – Happyness / “There Is Nothing Left” – The Drums / “Class Historian” – BRONCHO / “Dream Talkin”- Family Trees / “Aideu Creature” – Andrea Balency / “Korean Food” – Frankie Cosmos / “Lazy Lover” – Brazilian Girls / “Oh! You Pretty Things” – David Bowie

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My First Friday Favorites … YAY!


F* dating shows when you have a dating experiment! Forty Days of Dating

30 UNDER 30 – Refinery 29
I read about every person instead of skimming over it and picking the ones I auto-liked. I’m really glad I took the time to learn about all of them.

favorite quote from article:
What’s the best professional lesson you’ve learned?
“Probably the most useful lesson I have learned is one I taught myself the hard way: Don’t work with people you don’t respect or people who don’t respect you, no matter what the incentive. It’s better to be surrounded by authentic support and intellectual stimulation and be broke than to make more money through situations that are a drag.”

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