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How to Clean a Textured Steering Wheel?

HOME + LIFESTYLE - November 7, 2013

I’ve tried everything to clean my textured Toyota Yaris Steering Wheel; baby wipes, Windex, Lysol disinfecting wipes,  even Armor All cleaning wipes  and nothing has worked till now! Target’s Up&Up Apricot Exfoliating Facial Wipes, I love you.

The outside of my wheel is protected by a now janky Curious George steering wheel cover purchased in 2006. As others may understand, the exposed portion of my wheel still collects dead skin cells and dirt like nobody’s business. Especially when you take car makeup touchups into consideration, let the powder dust fly. The grooves in my textured Steering Wheel turning a nice beige color over the years. A hue perfect for suede pants, and only tells me in a tone of judgment “gurl your dirty”. Hence my excitement for this new life/ cleaning hack.

My discovery came yesterday as I was stuck in traffic for an hour and half.  Today for the second time ever, I packed a bag to exercise on my lunch break. This bag carrying the holy grail of steering wheel cleaners, apricot facial wipes for gentle face exfoliation and makeup removal. As these wipes remove makeup and dirt from one’s face, I thought “hey I’m stuck let’s see if these work on the wheel”. And would you flipping believe it, IT DID!! I cleaned my steering wheel in small circular motions that very well could have warranted me a “distracted driving” ticket. Removing the dirt I was astonished,  it was the most beautiful live action before and after makeover I have ever seen. I even had to restrain myself from removing all the dirt in order to have a photo to share.

So now you have the photo proof and know the dream product which will help you have a clean steering wheel cover too…clean away my friends, clean away!

** does not carry the Apricot Exfoliating Wipes only Exfoliating Cucumber Wipes. I hope they didn’t discontinue the Apricot wipes as I don’t like the scent of “cucumber”**

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