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LISTEN - June 19, 2012

Wednesday May 23, 2012 was the Margot and the Nuclear So and So show, but this story begins the Saturday prior. Saturday May 19, 2012 I had a family gathering I needed to attend (happily) yet there were two fun events going on the same night, Cannibal Flower and Plants & Animals at The Satellite. Leaving the family gathering early after spending 4 hours with my cousins and Aunts, I drove to LA torn on what event to attend all down the 10. Finally I came to the conclusion I would hit up The Satellite, if I couldn’t find free parking then I would go to Cannibal Flower but that was my move.

When I pulled up to my normal spot about 30 mins from the headliners set and only 3 other cars were parked, I thought “This is either a small show, or I don’t see a new parking sign”. Turned out to be a small show, but mid headliner (Plants & Animals) set I spot the roommate of (at the time my crush) and semi-sort of- part time front desk person at the salon (my work) and her husband. Took me 8 minutes before I got the courage to walk up to the back of her to make sure I had made a correct identification, but once I did I was so happy. I was able to enjoy the show more as I now had a friend to dance with and just really enjoy the show.

Afterward, they invited me out to The Bootleg Theater to see a traditional Columbian band (or was it Ecuadorian) and just chill. So we did, as she has connections with the venue; so after a great night of conversation and tunes she kept telling me if there were ever a show I wanted to see at The Bootleg just ask. Little did she know there was a show I wanted to go to that very week. The next day I didn’t think much of the list invite to any show, but by Wednesday, I was itching to see Margot.

Wondering Wednesday on the way to work whether to reach out to her or not, to my surprise she was working the front desk that day and I felt it was a sign. I asked mid-afternoon if she could get me in, and she happily shared how she needed to go there anyway. So I got to see Margot and the Nuclear So and So, amidst great conversation with the owner of The Fold/ promoter of The Bootleg and my friend; I would run to the stage to listen to my favorite songs and then back to our conversation.

I love music, I love going to shows, and truly 98% of the time I always have an amazing night. Brave enough to go to a show by myself, but also know how much more fun it can be to be with friends that also love the music.

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