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The art of protest | An imperfect ally

ART - May 31, 2020

I am an imperfect ally. I have a full post on this statement on page 2 but first the art.

An Instagram friend @joannathejoyful shared out a powerful quote about art and protest, that I wish I remembered/recalled, but its sentiment has been with me this entire week and inspired me to curate a collection of art and graphic design work from Instagram. I searched the #GeorgeFloyd and #BlackLivesMatter hashtags on Instagram and pulled the pieces that resonated most with me.

6/10/20 | Above are the Instagram Story frames that inspired this post. c/o JoannatheJoyful

I have not reached out to the individual artists for permission to share. I will happily remove any artwork from individuals who do not wish to be featured in this post.

🎨 currently unknown artist x please let me know

🎨 Grace :

🎨 Arty B:

🎨 Broobs:<center>

🎨 Monyee Chau :

the artist has made a very important update to her post/art acknowledging the complicated racial implications of the image she created and the damage of the “model minority” narrative has had on black people.

🎨 Nikkolas Smith :

🎨 Shirien:

🎨 Rudy Willingham :

🎨 Jess Bird :

🎨 Danielle Coke :

🎨 Sakina Saïdi :

Click to page 2 for more thoughts on being an imperfect ally….

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