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The Gift of Being Present

HEALTH & WELLNESS - November 4, 2015

I debated sharing this story, because I feared by sharing this story it might lose its potency. But my sister encouraged me to share it and the truth is; when sharing something positive – its light doesn’t dim by being shared but grows bigger.

Without getting into my personal life too much, emotionally I was edge yesterday morning, and I knew I wanted to go for a run to get my blood pumping. Nothing like putting your body through a physical challenge to assure yourself you can overcome any mental challenge. I didn’t expect to leave all my troubles on the track, but that is exactly what happened.

I’ve been using the C25K app to build up my stamina this past year, and yesterday I was told to run for 25 minutes straight. I hadn’t exercised in 4 weeks and was intimidated by the request, but as I started jogging I told myself that I wasn’t going anywhere. For the next thirty minutes I was going to be at the park and on the track, so instead of dreading the next 25 minutes, be present on the track and accomplish the task – it was the only thing I had to do at that moment.

I let my mind wander most of the 20 minutes, thinking about work, meal planning, and my favorite places in the USA. But in the last 7 minutes I decided to bring my mind back to the track. I was starting to feel fatigued and needed to be present to keep myself going. I don’t listen to music while running, so I started a mantra in my mind. I started to thank my legs for carrying me, thanking my heart for pumping blood to those limbs, thanking my lungs for feeding my body oxygen. I told myself to experience the track; feel the cool wind against my skin, smell the fresh cut grass, see the sun reflecting and illuminating the park.

I imagined this brilliant white light filling me. I told myself that I don’t need to hold onto the past or worry about the future, I just have to be in this moment. I have to be present. I GET to be present! Know this moment, right now and in the present without the past to bring you down or the future to freak you out, all you have is a blank slate of love and light. To feel and be a beacon of love and light!

As these thoughts flooded my mind, as the light filled my body, I started jogging harder. I felt pulled up and my posture was held higher. On my last minute, running harder than I had the entire 24 minutes, I began to wane; but I told myself you can continue on because you are filled with light and the light will carry you. I don’t know how long I would have actually gone, just thinking about the light that filled every cell of my body, but it carried me to my cool down.

The emotions I was feeling earlier in the morning had completely disappeared. I was excited about the day. I was excited about the gift of love and light I was able to give to the world, by being completely present. It’s hard to let go of pain from the past or worries of the future, but in reality the past and future only rob you of the potential for the best day ever. Be present and realize the gift in every day, to share love and light with all those around you. Illuminate the world around you!

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As I was writing this Fantasia’s “Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy” came into my mind. I wanted to share the video because it’s a good visual representation of what I’m trying to express. We are all fairies and when we are filled with love and light, we can affect the world around us making it a brighter more sparkly place to live.


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