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Time Warp(ed) to Teenage Self


I have been blessed and lucky enough to come across some pretty cool people in my life, that end up having pretty cool jobs. It’s not all by chance or random if you think about it. I’m in love with music and tried to feel out the music industry for a bit; in doing so I met a lot of music industry people on the way. I’ve been lucky enough to say “I’m on the list”, and a few times I’ve said walking away with my comped tickets “Cool, I’m VIP”. Now I’ve learned in my later years, that what is behind the velvet rope really isn’t as glamorous as you may think; but you’re still on the “other” side of the rope.

Well my friend Jon asked if I wanted to go to Warped Tour this year in Ventura. One I didn’t know where Ventura was (which I later found out is FAR! [2hr drive]), and second I didn’t know a single band that was playing. But once he said “VIP”, I was more open to the opportunity. Plus a few weeks prior I had met IWABO, a touring band on Warped that are really cool and I wouldn’t mind chatting with again. So I went to hang out with friends and feel special with a VIP wristband around High School kids. Oh and my inner-teenager was freaking the hell out because when I was in High School, Warped was the shit and I loved it!

Today Warped isn’t the shit to me, most of the music I can’t stand, and there is no way I would buy a ticket to go. I’ll admit being VIP was a huge incentive. But I can appreciate that at one time I loved Warped Tour, and I was getting to experience a side of it I never really thought I would (or at 16 didn’t think I would). Sure at 25 was it the MOST AMAZING day of my life, probably not. But I had a lot of fun for what it was, a day filled with friends and positive energy. Seeing everyone else so excited and stoked to be there put me in an awesome mood. And I know my teenage self would have been just as excited being at Warped, especially if different bands were playing.

Life presents new and different experiences all the time, everything is an adventure JUST GO!

warped tour mxpx mike

Intimately watching Mike Herra of MXPX my favorite band from 12- 17 being interviewed, at one point his shirt came off!

warped tour vip buses

Those aren’t just any kind of buses, those are tour buses!

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