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Clean & Cleanse

HOME + LIFESTYLE - November 8, 2020

It’s a g*d-d*mn victorious amazing liberating f*kn fantastic day.

Trump was not re-elected.

And to celebrate, I’m cleaning my house.

Cause it’s a day of cleansing — we are cleaning out the White House of the hyperbolic leadership of the last four years, so I’d like to reflect that sentiment in my home as well.

p.s. Sending my gratitude out into the world for all the amazing people who created memes and Tik-Toks filled with funny, and inspired commentary on this past week. It legit got me through Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

p.p.s. Watched this documentary today and holy mf cannoli …

I’m not one to share or talk about politics so publicly. The conversations that involve political themes require more patience and nuance than is ever allotted on the internet. It demands more empathy, compassion, understanding, and willingness to withhold harsh judgment on those that are not aligned with your belief system. I choose to not engage. However, today, in the light of all the pain, heartache, death, and despair that 2020 has endured – I participate in this political conversation and celebrate.

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