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Interview with Draag – A trustworthy group filled with Virgo placements

INTERVIEWS, LISTEN - June 26, 2020

The sound of a cold morning where the dew on the leaves has frozen.

I usually do a write up about how I know or discovered the person or band I’m interviewing. How the music makes me feel or the images it conjures in my mind, but today I’m called to go in a different direction.

I had reached out to Draag for an interview on May 17th, before our country and world took a sharp turn toward collective radical social justice reform. Radical because I think a majority of society was sleepwalking. A shift has occurred, and whether that shift makes you excited or you’re just waiting for things to “go back to normal,” a fundamental shift has happened so buckle up. I view this time as a moment filled with growing pains good and bad. One of the bad growing pains is cancel culture, I’m not here for it and I hope we evolve past it. But I do think there should be more accountability for the voices you give a platform to, and that is a responsibility I am taking on by publishing the voices of other creators. I’m happy to share I did a little social media sleuthing, and Draag is black lives matter aligned. Because I only want to highlight the people who believe in making the world BETTER for other people.

Jessica, the vocalist for Draag graciously responded to my request for an interview quickly after I reached out. I was excited to read through the band’s answers and was looking forward to getting Draag’s interview up, but Camari Carter had also sent in her reply quickly and she had an event coming up that same week that I wanted to help support.

Then I was asked to pause and listen, and I did – happily. As I work towards creating what my new reality will look like and the content I share, I’m VERY excited to share this great interview with Draag. I’m not sure how I came across them but their track Trauma Kit was added to my February playlist, and I’ve been getting into their dreamy escapism sound ever since. I don’t know what you call the wee hours of the morning, but if there is an A.M golden hour – that is the time in which I’d want Draag to be my soundtrack.

original photo

Name &/or Nickname:

Zodiac Sign (bonus points if you know your moon and rising sign):
Adrian: Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon, Virgo Rising
Nick: Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, Virgo Rising
Shane: Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon, Aries Rising
Ray: Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon, Taurus Rising
Jessica: Leo Sun, Pisces Moon, Aquarius Rising

Favorite Color:

Childhood Hero:
Marilyn Manson

Home Base:
Sylmar, California

When was Draag born into this world? What is the origin story?

Adrian revived some songs he wrote when he was 9 years old on his karaoke tape deck in September 2013. He wanted to condense everything he loved about music into this project, so he recruited a bunch of audiophile toneheads, female vox, and a lot of synths and guitars. Our first EP Nontoxic Process was released in 2018, but we buried our first two mixtapes, made during a time that felt like a completely different band. 

Photography by Elijah Reynozo

Who are some of your creative influences? They do not have to be music related, just creative people who have developed work and put themselves out into the world in a way you admire and perhaps subtly influences your own creative choices?
Kobe Bryant, Ed Templeton, Anna May Wong, Alexandro Jodorowsky, John Carpenter

Do you have any rituals that help you tap into a creative flow?
Shooting free throws in my backyard. To be honest, eating a delicious and nutritious meal actually really helps. 

You had a residency at The Echo the month before LA went into “shelter-in-place” mode. First, how was the residency and secondly, does the residency and those shows hold a different meaning knowing they were some of the last live in-venue performances for at least a solid chunk of 2020.

That’s exactly what’s been running through our minds. The residency was everything we could have hoped for, and more. Initially, we declined the offer out of fear. We’re happy to be a part of that tradition – I think Silversun Pickups also had an Echo residency at some point. Despite van problems, amp tubes going out, guitars and drum pads giving out, the stress and pressure of handling all our gear onstage and the meticulous sound checking that we require, the opportunity to play music or be a spectator in a live setting is a blessing, as we’re even more-so realizing now.

Have you guys been doing any virtual/digital performances during this time? We live-streamed (just two of us) for Cancelled Fest with Goon, Reggie Watts, Alaska Reid, and among others. 

Favorite comfort food, is it homemade or at a certain place?
Authentic mariscos (Mexican seafood). Shoutout Rosarito Fish Market (San Fernando), Mariscos El Viejito (Sun Valley), and Mariscos El Jato (Boyle Heights)

What’s a song that always makes you dance or instantly puts you in a good mood?
“Down” by 311

Do you have an awesome book, documentary, or general “you must watch this” recommendation to share?
“The Last Dance” makes me want to dominate every aspect of my life.

Photography by Devonte Johnson

If you could have the power to read people’s minds or talk to animals, which power would you choose?
The power to summon any music recording gear or instrument imaginable at any time.

If a song off your latest EP inspired an ice cream flavor, what song would it be and what would be the ingredients in the ice cream? “Ghost Leak” is Melona (Honeydew flavored Korean ice cream bar): the bittersweet taste of nostalgia

\Listen to and support Draag via Bandcamp and follow their insta here –

Photographed by  Angel Origgi
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