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Abstinence August : Half Way Update

It’s been two weeks since I began my Abstinence August life change and I felt it would be only appropriate to give you updates with supporting Buffy The Vampire Slayer gifs.


Buffy Hulu

I feel your judging eyes, but I’ve given myself a loophole. A Hulu loophole. Why? Because sometimes I have no motivation to work, no motivation to get in front of my computer – because sometimes I deal with depression. And at the beginning of this month, I was/been slipping in and out of a depression. So I used Buffy, my favorite television show of all time as motivation to get in front of my computer and get to work! I treat myself to an episode while checking emails and then I go on with my day. It’s my little loophole of happiness. It doesn’t hurt anyone, can be easily managed, and puts a little pep in my digital step.


Dining Out

One thing I’ve noticed these past two weeks  is that I’m really bad a grocery shopping. I’m used to buying a few groceries and dining out for at least half of my weekly meals. The first week I visited the grocery store, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; purchasing frozen pizza, frozen single serving meals, and an occasional produce item. Eventually, I upgraded to a full shopping cart but all the pieces were haphazardly thrown together. I purchased an Acorn squash to stuff with a chickpea curry, yeah – I have yet to make that. But, I’ve stuck to not dining out. I have not purchased fast food or take out with my own money. I have been treated to a wonderful meal in Santa Barbara by Dan and a few meals by my Mom, cause she’s awesome, but the only place I have purchased food is the grocery store.



I have not had any alcohol. Yay! And I’ve had my moments of temptation. After an amazing day hiking in Santa Barbara with Dan, we went out to dinner in SB and all I wanted was a cold beer. We even waited in a bar before our table was ready, but I stuck to my guns and just reminded myself of how it would sour a perfectly good day to let myself down. Then this past weekend while we went to see DIIV play in Long Beach, there were many hours to kill beforehand and lots of beer around us. Once again, it would have been nice to unwind with a cocktail at a bar nearby, a glass of wine with dinner, or a beer during the opening act – but abstinence August kept me on the straight and narrow.

Buffy Self Examination


Well, it’s been fun to have this little life-change filter put on my everyday. Taking away my normal comforts has forced me to confront my feelings more immediately. It’s been uncomfortable, but in the last week I’ve been laughing more at things that would  normally frustrate me. I’ve been cooking for Dan and being able to serve him a warm meal at the end of the day does fill my heart.  Since giving up Netflix as a normal escape I finished a book, and that gave me a wild sense of fulfillment. (sometimes it doesn’t take much to make me happy) And yes, I am looking forward to a whiskey cocktail or glass of wine, but I will be playing the whole picture of my day and week ahead before indulging. So half-way through and feeling strong. Oh, I’ve even made plans with a friend – although we’ve yet to agree on a time. Better make it a coffee date!


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Abstinence August!

This month, August, I am going to be practicing abstinence from a series of pleasures. The definition of abstinence is “the practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something” and I have over indulged in Netflix, Alcohol, and Dining Out a little too much lately. Apart from the fact I love alliterations, ‘Abstinence August’ has such a great ring to it – I’m ready for a lifestyle shift.  I need to create habits that allow myself to feel more in control when the world around me is in chaos. I want to strip myself of my normal comforts that are no longer serving me. I believe by practicing abstinence, I’ll in turn strengthen my creativity, productivity, and come closer to my ideal self by September.

So why am I choosing to abstain from Netflix, Alcohol, and Dining Out specifically? Well, let me explain…




I love Netflix! They create amazing television to binge and are an endless source of documentaries that fill my mind with new information. But it’s also incredibly addictive and suddenly when all I wanted to do was turn off my brain for thirty minutes, I’ve allowed an entire night to pass me by filled with stories. Instead of working on my own story and creating my own success, I have fallen into the celebration of other people’s dreams. Netflix is filled with great content to absorb, but I need to abstain from it as a form of mindless entertainment.

I’ve been wanting to draw, paint, and itch that creative scratch but never seem to find the time. Instead of watching Netflix, in August I plan to break out my markers and colored pencils. I will turn off my analytical brain, by turning on my creative inner child. I’ll just start playing more and allow the part of my brain which has been dormant to be stimulated again.

Also, the unfortunate thing about Netflix is it’s a two sensory media. A person needs to watch and listen to it. Unlike podcasts and music that only occupy your hearing. In August, I’ll dive deeper into my love for music and listen to classic storytelling in order to multi-task more, focusing my visual attention on different tasks.

Abstinence August Alcohol_Blanket Fort Adventures


I’m not a heavy drinker. At most, I drink three nights a week while hanging out with friends or celebrating the end to a long week, and it’s usually one (maybe two, rarely three) whiskey cocktail or a glass of wine. But I want to say goodbye to alcohol. First, I want to save money. Alcohol is such a stupid waste of money. One drink at a bar usually runs $10 dollars and even a descent bottle of wine to drink at home is $13 dollars. At the end of the month, I could spend anywhere between $30 -$120 dollars just on alcohol. I want to stop drinking money, and put those dollars towards a more renewable sense of joy, like a pretty dress or less credit card debt.

Also, I’ve noticed alcohol effects my mental state more adversely than I’d like. Lately, I find I’m more sensitive to alcohol than I have been in the past. The sensitivity I’m talking about isn’t when I’m actually drinking, but what happens the next day or following days. All of a sudden a switch will be flipped in my brain and I’m significantly more negative than I was just seconds before. It happens late at night, and it’s almost like my general tiredness triggers a massive depressive episode. I think I’d like to abstain from this, for at least a month. The cocktails aren’t worth it.

I’m planning on painting my nails or doing an at home facial to unwind instead of a glass of wine. Read a book or journal with some La Croix water to celebrate the end of a long week. As for hanging out with friends, I’m pushing myself to not use dinging out and drinks for social interactions.

Dining Out Abstinence August _ Blanket Fort Adventures

Dining Out:

I’m a lazy, particular, eater. I don’t like eating the same thing over and over again. I also don’t like cooking at the end of the day when I’m tired. Because of my eating and appetite quirks, I tend to dine out a lot. I also eat a lot of cheeseburgers and french fries. My bank account is really taxed over my bad eating habits, and I’m sort of over it. I also use food as a way to cope when stressed out or depressed.

July was a really hard month, and I stuffed my feelings with rich food and alcohol. Even in the midst of eating my feelings I knew it was bad, but I didn’t care. So I need abstinence August to help me hold myself accountable for coping with life’s stressors in a different way. When I want to throw my hands up in the air and say “f*ck it, I’m getting In and Out” – I’m going to go…”No, you are in the middle of abstinence August, go to the store and make yourself your own burger if you really want it or buy food to make food.”

I feel that forcing myself to go to the grocery store in itself will guide me to make better food choices overall. In the moments between going to the grocery store and cooking at home, I can cope with whatever is bringing me down. Plus. I’m thinking I will add on a 80/20 rule to eating this month, 80% plant based diet and 20% omnivore diet. We will see how that goes.

Also, I want to abstain from dining out because I feel it’s this default setting for spending time with friends and I want to get more creative. I want to plan picnics or grab coffee* and visit an art gallery. Make excursions with friends during the day that involve exploring a part of our city, and connect with them in a new environment. I know we can be more creative than dinner at a hip restaurant.

*Loopholes //

The best way to succeed at any habit or lifestyle change is to know yourself in order to set yourself up for success. I know myself pretty damn well and I don’t want to fail, so that means I have set up a few loopholes.


I can still rent DVD’s and watch movies. But watching something old school requires a bit of planning. You don’t get lost behind an endless supply of content like one does while streaming Netflix. There is something very finite about a DVD, and it helps control the start and the end of my movie watching time.


No loopholes – wait till September.

Dining Out:

If someone else wants to treat me to a meal out, then that is perfectly fine. My aim is to shake up how I normally operate and to make more meals at home. Along with stopping myself from using dining out as a way to escape the world and ignore my feelings. I love food, and I want to make cooking a more meditative and loving experience in my home. I also I think coffee or tea is a low expense way of meeting up with people, so I’m letting that in the loophole.


Like I shared, July was sort of sucky month, and really 2016 has not been the easiest year. But I can’t let external events influence my happiness and wellbeing. My ability to put out love and light into the world comes from inside. I want to be a stronger, more creative and productive person. I want to make my dreams come true and cultivate the life I desire. I know it might sound silly, but I truly feel Netflix, alcohol, and dining out are holding me back from my best life. Abstinence August will give me the time I need to redirect my energy in different ways, so my default settings are not Netflix, alcohol, and dining out; instead it can be painting, sparkling water, and field trips.

Want to join me?

Comment something you can abstain from in August that will help you get closer to your ideal self!


Abstinence August Pinnable _ Blanket Fort Adventures




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“One Day to Wallow” Rule

In my early twenties, after my best friend and I had been lamenting to each other about some frustrating or heartbreaking issue, we came up with the “One Day To Wallow” rule. We had decided to allow ourselves 24 hours of pure wallowing. We could drink to oblivion, emotionally eat, cry our eyes out or curse the heavens and basically feel sorry for ourselves in any way we felt fit.  Then the next day, we had to let it go. That thing that was eating away at us and taking away our happiness, we had to let it go. Every time the issue presented itself to us, we had to be strong – we had our day to wallow now it was time to carry on.

I’ve kept this one day to wallow rule to this day, even when I don’t realize I’m phoning it in. Yesterday was a wallow day. I’m putting my dog of 16 years, who is 17+ to sleep this week. Her health has significantly deteriorated over the last 2 weeks to the point that my fiancé and I are now certain this is her time. As he put it, “we 90% know it’s her time, that 10% will drive you crazy and only make her suffer.” It’s time to let her go with dignity. I won’t go into her health, because the internet has a lot of opinions and animal lovers have even more opinions. Just know we have worked with our vet on managing her wellbeing and have followed his advice on knowing when it is time.

Letting go of my baby Mystie is not easy, but it’s a part of owning a pet. It’s a part of inviting any loving person or creature into your life.  Love is a bright beautiful light, and when it’s taken away it’s like we’re lost in the dark. My one day of wallowing is a way to remind myself to not get lost in that darkness, whatever it may be caused by, and look up to see the other bright lights of love surrounding me. Yesterday, I emotionally ate and drank until my belly hurt. I let myself swirl in the darkness till it brought me no comfort.  This morning I woke up and took Mystie outside and we sat in the sun for an hour until I had to go to work.  For the past few days I’ve traded my workout hour, for fun in the sun time with Mystie. I looked up at the sun and clouds asking for peace, for acceptance. Today I don’t have any desire to abuse or feel sorry for myself due to my lack of control over the natural cycle of life.

Instead, I’m sharing my one day to wallow rule. In case anyone else needs permission to wallow, but tomorrow you HAVE to keep going and surround yourself with light until the darkness fades away.

One Day To Wallow Rule

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Self-Love Sunday

In February, I learned how precious my Sundays’ are after handing them over to help friends and family. Not that I resent the time I spent helping others, but I noticed how grumpy and stressed I was throughout the week because I hadn’t reserved any time for myself to recharge. Now I treat my Sundays’ like precious jewels and really ponder if I want to hand it over to someone else.

This morning I was the laziest of sloths, in my pajamas till noon and barely changing into a comfy chambray shirt and bicycle shorts because I wanted to feel slightly more put together. My hair is wild and a pile of laundry is at the edge of my bed waiting to be folded. I’ve put on a rose mask from Fresh (a free birthday treat from Sephora) and filled my room with the delicious scent of a Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange candle. And to really set the mood, the soothing folky voices of First Aid Kit is the soundtrack to my very lazy self-love Sunday.

As Bowerbird headed off to work he remarked how relaxed I looked and I really am relaxed. Trust that my to-do list is sitting in my office with unchecked boxes and my inbox with unanswered email. But I’m giving myself permission to take today just for myself. I’m headed to Coachella for two weekends where I won’t have my blessed self-love Sundays. I will be cramming in clients between festival days and prepping all next week to make sure the record store inventory is at least 90% in – progress not perfection. And if you saw the order sheets you’d understand why I have to comfort myself with that mantra. So today is just for me, drinking Stress Ease tea and munching on chocolate eggs that my fella surprised me with.

self love treatments

For a while, I’ve been toying with the idea of posting more inspirational, spiritual, or self-love type of posts on Sundays. My own version of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. As I recharge physically and mentally preparing for the week ahead, it could be a way of sharing the lessons I’ve learned that week or even just interesting articles I’ve discovered. I’m currently on a 100-day challenge where I have several goals I’m focusing on every day for the next 100 days. Today is day 13! I’ve also been Periscoping every day of this challenge and have been having some really great discussion there.

Earlier this week when I really didn’t want to Periscope, I was blessed to have two people on the scope who were really engaged in the conversation and we discussed burn-out, showing up for yourself, and the sacredness of our “me time.” I had no idea that my bleh Periscope was going to be so transformative, but those two women changed my night and mindset. So in-line with that particular scope, I am owning the sacredness of this me time.

So, who knows what post I’ll have for you next Sunday but right now I’m going to hit publish and get back to reading my Darling Magazine. Eventually, I’ll get around to my laundry and cleaning the house – but right now, right now I’m going to be totally content with some self-indulgent self-LOVE.

in bed relaxing

*The hyperlinked products in this post are for the readers convenience and are not attached to affiliate links. 

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one of my favorite statues at hearst castle in san simeon

My beautiful friend Lauren reached out to me and asked if I’d write a piece for a powerful movement and event she is helping to coordinate with Unify for International Women’s Day.  I was nervous to write something and before sitting down at my laptop I took a moment to pray. I asked for the words to flow from me, to have my thoughts be clear and honest. This is what I wrote.


I am a woman who celebrates the success of my brothers and sisters. I am a woman to be wed to a soul that seems to be weaved from the same tapestry as I, who knows my heart and accepts my flaws. I am a woman who strives to live in an authentic place, open to saying sorry when I decided to listen to my ego. I am a woman about to leave her twenties, but I was not a woman as I left my teens.

At 18 I hid behind beautiful friends, afraid to be seen and hungry for approval. I found myself vehemently rejecting the women I wanted to be like, judging them for their kind hearts and friendly demeanor. I was angry that they seemed to have answers to feeling comfortable in their skin, while I felt trapped inside mine. The mirror was my enemy and self-hatred comforted me like a blanket made of fiberglass. A girl waiting to grow.

I learned to survive and thrive in society by using media as my mentor, television shows and movies taught me to find the prettiest girl and be friends with her. While watching my back as someone will inevitably try to tear me down. It taught me either you were having fun at the top of the social food chain or lonely at the bottom. By High School I had strategically found myself feeling incredibly lonely and lost while being nominated for Homecoming Princess. I had done what the movies told me too and yet I was sad. The only person tearing me down was the demon in my head. I hadn’t found connections in deeper interest and trusting friendships, I had figured out how to play popularity politics. A girl waiting to grow.

Then like parting clouds, one day when I was 19 a voice in my head said, “try something different, say hello, don’t reject – start accepting.” I accepted a friendship into my life who taught me about love and acting from a place of love. A seed of love was planted in my pain and the girl began her journey into growing into a woman.

I no longer hid behind beautiful people, but searched out beautiful souls. I listened to my heart when developing female friendships. It would take me a little bit longer to find my worth in male relationships, but I eventually did. In the meantime I was starting to grow real friendships, a sisterhood. I was starting to recognize a person beneath insecurity, pain, and loneliness. I was not an armored heart nor a raw nerve, but aware and cautious of who I decided to let into my circle and be vulnerable. People did not need to prove themselves to me, but I would no longer hold on to them if I felt they were not there to be a nourishing presence.

An amazing new narrative is being taught to a fresh generation of young minds, and women in media are presented within our full potential. Women hold places of power based on intellect and not sensuality. Women support each other and lean on each other, instead of seeking out a male partner. Women have strong voices without apologizing. Women have full and caring hearts without being weak. Women are moving into positions where we were previously absent. Together we are effectively tearing down the expectations and limitations placed upon us and creating a new normal.

In the age of communication, where connection is at the touch of a button, it is so vitally important that as women we empower young women to act from a place of love and authenticity.  To pass on stories of support and strength, not fear and competition. Express that nourishing your heart and soul, is how you unlock your dreams and where you begin to create the life you desire. That focusing on your own feet doesn’t mean you’re alone, it means you won’t trip.  That your sisters will be by your side to help you through the rough patches and can hold you up when you’re too tired to go on. Your sisters will nourish you back to health. Your sisters will hold up a mirror till you’re ready to see your own beauty.

We invite you to get together with your own sisters or if you’re feeling brave walk into a new circle. Either way, know you will be welcomed with open arms on International Women’s Day. We are all writers creating our own story and collectively we can write the story of the world filled with powerful and positive heroines that are shifting minds and changing perceptions.

Thank you for reading my piece and to find a circle visit



love and light signature

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Jelly Bean Perspective

I came across the Jelly Bean “The Time You Have” video this morning and rewatched it. It was originally published in 2013. At that time I was at a toxic job, with no savings in my bank account for a grand adventure I wanted to take, my foot was half-way in multiple side projects, and the only thing that sparkled was the fact I had met the man of my dreams.

I watched this video and it hit me like a ton of bricks (as I’m sure it does a lot of people) and made me re-evaluate my life. I started to leave the office on my lunch breaks and read out in the courtyard. I fully committed to the book I was writing with my sister (that is finished and being pitched to agents). Nine months after this video was published, I started saving for my cross-country road trip, changing how I treated money to make that dream happen. The video changed me.

But now as I rewatch it I noticed something I didn’t see before. As the narrator breaks down the days of our lives into eating, chores, community responsibilities, and grooming; I don’t view that time as wasted but now see it as opportunities for discovery. Walking the dog isn’t wasted time, but the chance to connect with your partner or enjoy fresh air. Community responsibilities like attending church are those peaceful reflective moments one gets to have for themselves, check in with their spiritual self and feel rooted to carry on through rough storms. Showering is my everyday spa experience; I add a few essential oils to the shower steam and massage my head during the rinse and repeat process. Somedays eating is just quick and purely fuel, but other days it’s an exciting opportunity to try a new restaurant, recipe, or enjoy my favorite comfort food.

All those jelly beans made into cute pictures before the giant question mark box are portrayed as wasted time or days, time that is reserved only for those activities. But what the video fails to illuminate is that during those times you are still able to connect and discover. You are still able to live life the way you want!

When Marie Forleo  was on Super Soul Sunday she told Oprah how she believes life isn’t about following one passion, but putting passion into everything. Make your bed with passion, cook breakfast with passion, write a letter with passion, put love into everything you do and you will live a passionate life.

Instead of seeing wasted jelly beans with only a small fraction left for yourself, realize all of your other jelly beans are also for yourself. You can color and flavor your jelly beans any way you desire. Even the commuting jelly beans, which are the WORST jelly beans are still an opportunity for something fun or new to discover. You just have to decide how you want that jelly bean to be.

I believe paying attention to the little things during all those activities will help to add more sparkle to the moment. I’d love for you to discover my “Little Things” series and get you to start noticing the little thing in your life more!

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Little Things – Episode 2

The second episode in my Little Things series is live. I am so excited to have started this series and even with a broken vlogging camera, I’ve pushed forward with my camera phone. Little Things is a passion project that has brought daily joy into my life. It’s week three and I’m still afraid I won’t find a “Little Thing” and then I do! I wonder if that fear will ever go away. I hope my little things are helping to bring a little joy into your life. Last week we (my fiance and I) were hit with some bad news, but life goes on and we have to appreciate the little moments that make it sparkle in the darkest of times.


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The Little Things – my new YouTube series!

I believe there is something magical and special about each and every day. It might sound cliché but the smallest thing can add a bit of wonder to a 24 hour period if you open your heart and mind to seeing it. When I get caught up in stress, negativity, the hustle and bustle of life it makes me turn inwards and towards self-pity; it makes me miss out on the little moments that add glitter to living. The inner turmoil is a cloud around my head that makes it hard to see the beauty and blessings around me.

When I was in high school it was brought to my attention that I look at the world differently. I’d point out cool things around me or share a random fact I found out and be received with laughter and an “oh Bekka.” I never let it harden me, but till this day I still receive resistance to my love of little things, small measures that sometimes make a big impact on my day.

I’ve decided to start sharing these Little Things in a weekly YouTube series, to be posted every Sunday evening. My sister names my desire and passion for magical moments a love for “life nuggets.” I’ve had a hard time over the years figuring out what I’m truly passionate about, but amidst sister conference calls, it always comes back to “life nuggets,” I’m really passionate about life.  Ever since I walked away from acting I realized passion wasn’t how much you loved something, but how much bullshit you’re willing to put up with. Well, life is filled with a lot of bullshit and I still thinks it’s an incredible gift each and every day.

I hope you enjoy my little things and please subscribe to follow the series.

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The Gift of Being Present

I debated sharing this story, because I feared by sharing this story it might lose its potency. But my sister encouraged me to share it and the truth is; when sharing something positive – its light doesn’t dim by being shared but grows bigger.

Without getting into my personal life too much, emotionally I was edge yesterday morning, and I knew I wanted to go for a run to get my blood pumping. Nothing like putting your body through a physical challenge to assure yourself you can overcome any mental challenge. I didn’t expect to leave all my troubles on the track, but that is exactly what happened.

I’ve been using the C25K app to build up my stamina this past year, and yesterday I was told to run for 25 minutes straight. I hadn’t exercised in 4 weeks and was intimidated by the request, but as I started jogging I told myself that I wasn’t going anywhere. For the next thirty minutes I was going to be at the park and on the track, so instead of dreading the next 25 minutes, be present on the track and accomplish the task – it was the only thing I had to do at that moment.

I let my mind wander most of the 20 minutes, thinking about work, meal planning, and my favorite places in the USA. But in the last 7 minutes I decided to bring my mind back to the track. I was starting to feel fatigued and needed to be present to keep myself going. I don’t listen to music while running, so I started a mantra in my mind. I started to thank my legs for carrying me, thanking my heart for pumping blood to those limbs, thanking my lungs for feeding my body oxygen. I told myself to experience the track; feel the cool wind against my skin, smell the fresh cut grass, see the sun reflecting and illuminating the park.

I imagined this brilliant white light filling me. I told myself that I don’t need to hold onto the past or worry about the future, I just have to be in this moment. I have to be present. I GET to be present! Know this moment, right now and in the present without the past to bring you down or the future to freak you out, all you have is a blank slate of love and light. To feel and be a beacon of love and light!

As these thoughts flooded my mind, as the light filled my body, I started jogging harder. I felt pulled up and my posture was held higher. On my last minute, running harder than I had the entire 24 minutes, I began to wane; but I told myself you can continue on because you are filled with light and the light will carry you. I don’t know how long I would have actually gone, just thinking about the light that filled every cell of my body, but it carried me to my cool down.

The emotions I was feeling earlier in the morning had completely disappeared. I was excited about the day. I was excited about the gift of love and light I was able to give to the world, by being completely present. It’s hard to let go of pain from the past or worries of the future, but in reality the past and future only rob you of the potential for the best day ever. Be present and realize the gift in every day, to share love and light with all those around you. Illuminate the world around you!

love and light signature

As I was writing this Fantasia’s “Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy” came into my mind. I wanted to share the video because it’s a good visual representation of what I’m trying to express. We are all fairies and when we are filled with love and light, we can affect the world around us making it a brighter more sparkly place to live.


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Pink Shiny Crystal Visions

Lately, I’ve been really wanting to buy crystals. I imagine my windowsill being a little beacon of light and color, the crystals charging under the sun. When Bowerbird and I were walking back to our car from Echo Park Rising, we heard echoing meditation music coming from the hidden speakers of The House of Intuition. An actual house on top of a hill, we scaled the cement stairs to peek our heads inside. It’s pretty adorable as at the top of the stairs there is a sign that says, “your intuition led you here.” It’s a new age shop, or as their website states a Metaphysical and Spiritual shop, filled with the scent of a relaxing incense and lots of crystals. We walked in each room looking at the objects that help to enlighten, guide, and ground our spiritual being. The sales girls were nice, open to helping us and didn’t give off a superior vibe at all. They really seemed down to earth as they discussed being spiritually grounded and the meaning of dreams amongst themselves. When I went back to the car I told Bowerbird how I want more crystals, and he replied by saying he dosen’t believe in crystals, he’d rather have plants.




bismuth crystal


bismuth crystal


I really want Bismuth Crystals – aren’t they crazy beautiful!! 

smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz – helps to turn negative energy into positive energy 

cool cyrstals

Crystals are so amazing. Nature is an artists and crystals are the sculpture.

crystal alabamapink crystals

Most of these photos don’t have a strong source that I can reference. But they are all pinned to my Random Loves board if you want to click the link attached to the photos. 

**I wonder how many blog posts exist with the title Crystal Visions. It has a nice ring to it and a familiarity of ‘knowing’, plus you’re automatically besties with the other Fleetwood Mac fan that stops by your page.

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