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My 2018 Trash

Over this past year, I collected my trash in a large bag in my closet. Explore my $750 worth of trash.

Over this past year, I collected my trash in a large bag in my closet. The following is the results of said collection, with the exclusion of a few products, because I was getting tired of filming.

I am a loyalist when it comes to my favorite products, it is hard to get me to deviate from what I know works for me. So, I don’t think I will ever do an empties video again, because of this – I made my ultimate empties video.

Not shown is the amount of toothpaste my husband and I went through in 2018. We brushed our teeth. Trust me when I say a lot of Sensodyne toothpaste was used. not sponsored, but open to it

🧡 Below is a list of Amazon affiliate links to my Ride or Die Products 🧡

First Aid Beauty Ultra Hydrating Cream:
Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser:
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion:
Philosophy Purity Cleanser:
Rosehip Oil: l
Serge Normant Dry Shampoo:
Oribe Texturizing Spray:

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I have expensive taste. I always have. Ever since I was a child and didn’t understand what monetary value was, I would go straight for the most expensive item on the menu or want the fanciest toy in the store. My instincts point to the finer things in life; so I really enjoy looking at Net-a-Porter.  This habit of mine is one part dream casting/manifesting and one part just plain window shopping – here are a few of the items I’ve saved for my someday closet.

DREAM CASTING - someday closet 1
Dodo Bar Or | Metallic fil coupé organza maxi dress | $455

DREAM CASTING - someday closet 7

Vilshenko | Anais floral-print silk-georgette maxi dress | $601.50

DREAM CASTING - someday closet 3

GUCCI | Pleated printed silk crepe de chine midi dress | $3,200

DREAM CASTING - someday closet 6

GUCCI | Printed silk crepe de chine midi dress | $3,900

DREAM CASTING - someday closet 2

GUCCI | Lace and plissé-georgette dress | $5,150


I love the vintage look of all these dresses. One of my goals for 2018 is the wear a vintage dress at every Thinkspace Gallery opening for a year. It’s a fun creative way to express my style, and I have somewhere to go to rock my finds. Obviously, these dresses aren’t vintage, but they inspire what I’ll be on the hunt for.

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Black Friday Deals Cheat Sheet

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through links marked with an asterisk. 

Black Friday deals are no longer reserved for just the day after Thanksgiving, but now with the internet, it’s a week-long celebration of savings up to Cyber Monday.

Every year I tell myself that I will create a Black Friday shopping budget and go crazy on all the fantastic sales and deals. But every year I forget and come Black Friday I never have that miraculous and pre-planned windfall dedicated only to shopping. Yet, I still find myself scrolling my favorite websites in my pajamas with an over-stuffed belly from the day before. So what does this internal struggle mean for you? I’ve decided to create a Black Friday deals cheat sheet. I’ve pulled the codes you need or simply the sales that are taking place. I’ll be updating this list come Friday morning, but get a taste of what’s going on now.

LAST UPDATE – 11/24/2016 at 12:30pm / Levis, Urban Outfitters, Bando, *Society 6,

LAST UPDATE – 11/24/2016 at 11:30pm / ASOS, Anthropologie

LAST UPDATE – 11/25/2016 at 9:30am / Fresh Skincare, Origins, Urban Decay, Kiehls, Erin Condren

Beauty Black Friday Deals


Ulta :  Update: Black Friday deals are live and selling out fast! No code necessary.  There are so many different deals for different brands it’s crazy! The items will automatically be priced for Black Friday – no code needed.

Sephora: Update: A collection of Black Friday gift sets that are already discounted. The sets start at $10 and go up from there! No code necessary.  I love the beauty gift set options provided by Sephora.

Urban Decay : Update: Use code BLACKER for 20% off and free shipping. 

Tarte Cosmetics: Use code FRIYAY for 25% off your entire order + free shipping when you spend $25 or more. I  swoon for Tarte packaging and I’m a huge fan of their Amazonian Clay Foundation, so this is a code I use every year.

*Julep: Black Friday is already kicking on and they have a ton of polishes and makeup on sale. Use code MIRRORMIRROR on a $30 purchase and receive a free compact mirror. I’m lusting after their major nail polish collections.

Origins: UPDATE: Use code FRIYAY for 25% off everything. Plus with a purchase of $75 or more you’ll receive a free 10 piece skincare set. I love that Origins skincare is a plant driven line with enough science to be effective.

Fresh: Update: Gift with purchase – used code SWEETTREAT at checkout for a Free Soy Face Cleanser (50ml) with $65 purchase, Free Soy Face Cleanser (50ml) and free deluxe sample of Black Tea Age-Delay Firming Serum with $80 purchase, Free Soy Face Cleanser (50ml), free deluxe sample of Black Tea Age-Delay Firming Serum, and free Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex (15ml) with $120 purchase.  I’m obsessed with the Fresh Rose Mask and their products make me feel delicate and chic. Currently, they don’t have any Black Friday deals but I’ll keep you posted.

Khiels: Update: Code BFRIDAY will get you 4 deluxe samples + free shipping on all orders of $25 or more. I’ve been eyeing the Tumeric Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque for months now, and am waiting for a solid holiday deal.

Black Friday Deals Fashion


Levis: Use the code HOLIDAY40 to receive 40% off everything + free shipping (today only). I seriously might bust out my credit card for this sale as I desperately need jeans and I am a loyal Levis lover.

ASOS: 30% off everything – code THANKFUL30

*Modcloth: The vintage inspired looks, endless accessory options, and the smart home decor available on Modcloth makes it a one stop shop for me, plus they are super good to their customers too. Check out these stellar Black Friday deals that run from  11/23 until 11/26.  Use the following codes for awesome savings…

FRIDAY20 – 20% off entire order
FRIDAY30 – 30% off entire order of $100 or more
FRIDAY40 – 40% off entire order of $200 or more

Nordstrom: They have some great deals on winter staples and amazing boots up to 40% off. No code needed.

Urban Outfitters: Update: BOGO | Buy one item get one item 50% off on all apparel. No code needed. Ends 11/25 I’ve worked a few Black Fridays at Urban Outfitters, so for the poor souls working this week, I beg you on their behalf to shop online. There are no special savings on the website right now, so I’ll be waiting for a Black Friday newsletter to update you with some deals.

Anthropologie: Update: 30% Off with the code LETGO. Even Dan loves to wander around Anthropologie with me. Yes, I’m a basic chick that wants an Anthro lifestyle, but I only shop the sale section. Currently, there are no deals on the site, but I’ll update you soon.

Kate Spade: Is having a 75% off surprise sale that I spotted on their Twitter. Make sure to enter through a portal by clicking here. It will ask you for your email and zip code. Then you will be sent to the sales page with SUPER CUTE bags, wallets, jewelry. It’s pretty magical. Sale Ends 11/26

Nasty Gal: Everyone loves the color black and now you can stock up on the classic hue via Nasty Gal. Currently, they have 30% off black items. I love the pieces with a great sixties feel a’la Francoise Hardy.

Lifestyle Black Friday Deals

Lifestyle/ Stationary

Bando: Can’t believe I forgot to include on my first round of deals. It a fun site filled with great gifts for any sassy chickita. Use code BFISMYBF for 25% of everything! 

*Society 6: Update: 20% off entire site + free shipping. No code needed. As an art nerd, I love Society 6 as a platform to provide artists a way to monetize their work by putting it one fun everyday items. You can easily fill your home and t-shirt collection with work from photographers, designers, painters, and creatives.  Their deals are changing daily this week, so jump over to their site and see what’s on sale today!

Paper Source: When I worked next to a Paper Source I’d spend my lunch breaks picking out cards for Dan and looking at all the cute quirky gifts. You can receive 20% off your purchase with code CHEER4YOU.

Erin Condren: Update: 30% off sitewide. No code necessary. I received my first Erin Condren notebook this year and I love the quality. Great paper, fantastic weight, and even comes with stickers! The journals and planners aren’t cheap, so I’m hoping for a Black Friday code to come in a newsletter.

And if you’re not excited by my cheat sheet, well there is always Amazon -*Shop Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Week!

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Interview with Little Mousie Creations : Bohemian Minimalism

The last 83 days I’ve been Periscoping almost every night for a “100 days of focus” challenge, I decided to start 83 days ago. One of the awesome people to join me on my self-reflective scopes, who helps to keep the conversation going, is a talented print and jewelry maker Erika of Little Mousie Creations. I was drawn to her work because of the details she puts into her pattern making and jewelry, everything seems deliberate. It’s minimalism’s older more bohemian sister. As I love to celebrate the creative spirit and put a spotlight on how other’s are traveling through life, I interviewed Erika to find out how she stays creatively inspired and stories that have shaped her adventure.

Little Mouseie Creations - Handmade Jewelry 1

When did you get into print and jewelry making?

Well, designing and creating jewelry has long been a passion of mine. I remember making some pretty cool friendship bracelets out of embroidery thread in third grade and attempting to sell them door-to-door to my neighbors. Entrepreneur from the start!

Flash forward 10+ years to 2011, I opened an Etsy shop as Little Mousie, selling hand-folded origami crane necklaces. I didn’t know much about what I was doing, but it was a start. Myself and my jewelry have come a long way in the past five years. I have moved from self-taught, costume jeweler to taking several classes in Metal Clay, which I now absolutely love working with. (You can find a brief description of what Metal Clay is on my website here:

As for print making, the medium and method are quite new to me. I took some short lessons on it in my high school years, but have really just picked it up again in the past 6-8 months. I have plans to get more involved and intricate as I play with carving.

Ultimately, that is what captivates me in my work—meticulousness, intricacy, and detail. Creating jewelry with metal clay involves a lot of steps and is a delicate medium. Hand-carving into lino blocks is also incredibly intricate work. I love working on small details, getting up close to the piece I am working on.

What inspires you?

Simply put—Life. I look to music, my faith, nature, friends… I sit or lay in nature with music playing and enjoy the whole process of peacefully being inspired. This year I have pushed myself to remain simplistic, even in detailed work.

Little Mouseie Creations - Handmade Jewelry 2

What would be a dream project or collaboration?

I have dreams of connecting creativity with community. Short-term, this dream looks like hosting encouraging events for women and teens, while a more long-term dream has been to own a storefront/studio where I have designated spaces to sell curated hand-crafted items, as well as host workshops and events.

Best hole in the wall (can be restaurant, store, café etc) you’ve discovered?

So, I didn’t actually discover this place, but was introduced by my husband and father-in-law. Hands down best hole in the wall: El Michoacano on the corner of Lankershim and Sherman Way in North Hollywood. It is a midnight, authentic taco fav. Order at the window and eat in your car or sit and enjoy at one of two tables outside. Thank me later.

Little Mouseie Creations - Handmade Jewelry 3

At times being a creative person can feel like a curse, but what are a few of the blessings it’s brought to your life?

For me, creativity has allowed for a release. I am a total feelings person. I feel emotions much stronger than many people I know and creating has allowed me to express emotions in a healthy way.

Do you have an awesome book or documentary recommendation?

I wish I could say I read often or watch documentaries often, but…Life. I definitely enjoy each when I have been able to prioritize time for them. Since I was recently sick, I did relax and watch The Champions on Netflix. This is a documentary about the rescued Michael Vick dogs and even though I for sure bawled my eyes out, I loved it. Now, all I can think about is how much I want a Pitbull.

Little Mouseie Creations - Handmade Jewelry 4

Spontaneity is the spice of life, do you have a great story that was born from a spontaneous moment?

I am the worst spontaneous person ever. I am horrible at surprises. Even attempting to surprise someone else, I often accidentally tell them. However, my husband has enough spontaneity-spice for the both of us. After deciding to propose, he bought my ring with every intention of waiting a month until our dating anniversary to do so.

Yet after only a day of having the ring he couldn’t wait. We were going to be having a best friend over for dinner and got into the car to go get groceries. There was a gorgeous sunset with beautiful pastels and fluffy clouds. He began going a different direction, looking for a hill to see it better. I was annoyed. Yes…I was yelling that we needed to hurry up and didn’t have time to stop! He ignored my frustrations and stopped somewhere where I refused to even get out of the car. After much convincing he just held me, telling me all these sweet things…then I knew what was about to happen. And of course, immediately felt bad for being a brat. Don’t ask me what my response was, *face-palm*.

Little Mouseie Creations - Handmade Jewelry 6

Who are five fab people we should know about?

1. If you don’t already, get to know Bekka! Her Periscope (@basicallybekka) is where I started following and it’s been real ever since.

2. Definitely, Cara. Instagram: @molluskgrl. She’s a writer and artist who constantly reminds me to take the first step and Show-Up.

3. My girl, Kristen. Instagram: @kindredcinema. Making all my video dreams come true. This lady is incredibly giving of her knowledge regarding utilizing video for your business.

4. For sure, Amanda Christine. Instagram: @amandachristinestudio. Encouraging, talented, and honest. I just love Amanda and her photography + art.

5. Absolutely, Meredith. Instagram: @wildflowerroots. Another inspiring jewelry designer who creates the best pieces for everyday wear.

Honestly, I have found such an amazing support group on Instagram, this list could go on forever.

Little Mouseie Creations - Handmade Jewelry 7

Blanket Fort Adventures is on a mission to redefine wanderlust as a way of traveling through life, how do you want to travel?

Road trips. I have only done extended drives across multiple states with my parents as a kid, but I would love to do this with my husband. There is something so freeing about spending time talking deeply, singing loudly, and playing car games with loved ones as you explore together!

What do you think we need to travel through life and have the best adventure?

Loving on people. I absolutely feel that being real and authentic, while cultivating a network of genuine relationships is where you will find the greatest adventure. This is where my life is becoming more meaningful.

View Erika’s creations in person at the Patchwork Show in Long Beach, Sunday, June 12th from 11am – 5pm. It’s free to attend and one of my favorite creative markets to go to! Also, follow Erika on Instagram @littlemousiecreations for all her creative updates and your can peruse her online shop at

Long Beach Patchwork Show

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Fashion & Fear : Festival Edition

I cringe at the words Festival Fashion. It’s cheesy and tired. Not that I don’t love bohemian inspired looks, give me some fringe and a Fleetwood Mac* album and I’m a happy lady. But the fast fashion regurgitation of desert and free spirit styles is boring to me. After weekend 1 of Coachella where I spotted some seriously awesome #ootd from a few select people, I decided I would challenge myself to document my favorite festival styles on Weekend 2. Festival fashion that is unique and fresh, that expresses individuality without the blatant “hey look at me” written across their chest – I’m looking at you red Power Ranger.

Sadly, on Day 1 of Coachella Weekend 2 I didn’t rise to my festival fashion challenge. I let fear and stress stand in my way. So on Day 2, I really tried to motivate myself. I let a few outfits pass me by before I had a serious talk with the fear stricken part of my brain and said, “what if every time you let someone amazing pass you by you were setting $100 on fire?” Or better yet, “what if every time you took a photo you made $100?” With my new mind trick, I set the goal of making a metaphorical grand over the next few days.

I grabbed my zombie* point and shoot camera from the record store office and kept it in my pocket. Waiting for well-dressed festival goers to walk into the record store until I could really go on a hunt during my break.  And know what I discovered!? When you start searching for unique style that stands out in a crowd of people, it’s REALLY HARD to find those people. Especially with my standards – I’m not a fashion blogger but I do have an aversion to conformity.

Aside from one tall man with amazing black and white layered style who I let my fear stop me from snapping; I only found two people on my break! By my next break, the sun was down and so was my window of opportunity. I had no luck on Day 3 and realized I will leave the fashion reporting to the fashion bloggers. My eye is a little too demanding and unsatisfied by repetition. I think that’s why I’ve never been a huge fan of Warhol art, I don’t LOVE repetition although I can respect the art of quantity, I am just one for quality.

Here are the people who inspired me with their festival fashion!

Alien Backpack to hold all your Festival must haves

I thought this see-through alien backpack was awesome! Perfect for all the festival must-haves like sunscreen and portable phone charger, plus it exudes a sense of fun that a musical festival should have.

angelyne ootd festival fashion

This fab #ootd is from Tawny (@ladamademente), one of my record store co-workers. I was obsessed with her Angelyne t-shirt and how she styled her look. Angelyne is a cult icon in Los Angeles. If you’re not familiar with Angelyne, imagine a John Waters character in real life – I wouldn’t be surprised if the two of them were best friends or at least have been at the same after-hours party. Anyways, I loved how Tawny paired the shirt with floral leggings and a lacey fringe cover up. The outfit had just the right amount of edge, camp, and totally feminine – plus it was comfortable from her head down to her toes.

Gold Metallic skirt and rainbow hair

I spotted this stylish festival goer (@jomillie) while watching Run The Jewels and I literally ran after her. Her gold skirt shimmering in the sun and the way she styled her outfit was on point. As I snapped her picture I noticed she had rainbow glittering thread throughout her braids – beautiful! She looked cool and unique amongst a sea of earth tones.  

Red Dress Cool Girl

Apparently I have a thing for pleats and outfits that flow.

The last fashionable festival goer was this stylish lady in red while headed to Bat fo Lashes. She was exiting the tent and I loved her effortless cool-girl style. A comfortable bold pleated dress with a high neckline and black sneakers. I also noticed the army jacket in her arms that I knew when the sun went down would only amplify her look. Her minimalist but far from boring style was finished with a simple necklace, delicate cross-body, and stylish sunnies. She rocked an outfit I wish I owned. 

I hope you enjoyed my first street style post. If you liked it and think I should push through my fear more often and document the styles that excite me, leave me an encouraging comment below. I do love my gold stars.

*Fleetwood Mac – The record store had misplaced a box of Fleetwood Mac Rumor albums that had been set aside for Weekend 2 of Coachella. I was the bounty hunter that found the treasured vinyl and by Saturday afternoon, the people had their Rumors.

*Zombie Camera – A week before we went to Coachella my broken point and shoot camera I usually use for vlogging came back to life. Yay for zombie camera but I need to invest in a new point and shoot.

*Oh yeah I worked at the Coachella Record Store and that is why I have been M.I.A for the last month.

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Road Trip Style Re-do With Modcloth

As a ModCloth affiliate, I was super excited to receive the request to create a blog post around their new romantic road trip styles. Since I am a certified road trip junkie I thought about what adventures I’d like to re-do with a stylish Modcloth wardrobe.  When I packed for our cross country road trip, versatility and comfort were my top priority. I wore a lot of t-shirts and jeans, but seriously wish I had a few cuter options. Here are my Modcloth curated outfits I’d like to wear and re-do these particular adventures in, purely for better photo-ops!

Afternoon at the Opry
AFTERNOON AT THE OPRY // We went to the Grand Ol’ Opry’s 89th Birthday show and if it wasn’t raining that day, I would have totally worn this instead!

  1. Hep Your City Top
  2. Chevron the Up and Up Necklace
  3. Five Star Perforating Flat in Cognac
  4. Jill of All Shades Skirt

Modcloth Roadtrip Style
Meet Me In Muscle Shoals // Visiting Muscle Shoals recording studio in Alabama will go down as one of my favorite memories of my life. It was just Bowerbird, myself, and the “museum” manager – it was awesome!!

  1. Course of Nature Backpack 
  2. On The Cookout Top
  3. Cache Crop Jeans
  4. Beauteous Backup Battery Pack in Floral
  5. Wander Years Booties

Modcloth Road Trip Style
A Reservation for Two // I packed one nice outfit for a fancy dinner at Husk Restaurant in South Carolina, there are two parts to this story (Part 1 / Part 2) and if I would have gone in the summer, I’d love to have worn the above.

  1. Groovy Gallery Dress
  2. Who’s The Emboss? Bag in Navy
  3.  Escape to the Cape Wedges
  4. Precisely! Liquid Eyeliner in Black (I also need my winged liner)

The items I selected for my road trip re-do outfits are also all completely realistic! I took into account how the material wrinkles, how that external battery would be essential in the middle of nowhere, and I know it’s crazy – but I did back a whole bag  just for shoes on that trip. Although I did try to pack the basics on my road trip, a girl still needs her options. Go check out the rest of Modcloth’s Romantic Road Trip looks for Spring on Also if you purchase anything from the site through my links, thank you in advanced for helping to fund my next adventure! <3

spring stand out II

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I just joined ModCloth’s affiliate program. What that means for you and I is that this post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

I created this post because Modcloth is having an awesome site-wide gift with purchase promotion for a FREE makeup palette by The Balm with any purchase of $150 or more. Modcloth is seriously one of my favorite places to online window shop, so here are a few of my favorite items and the fantasy that would go along with it.

1. Poodles of Fun Sweater: I’d pair this top with black ankle skinny pants and black ballet flats to channel my romantic Francophile. In my Parisian-inspired outfit, I’d enjoy a latte at an outdoor cafe and catch the eye of a handsome writer getting off work at the local market. He’d recognize the obscure book I’m reading and make a remark about the brooding protagonist; we’d chat and later walk around the city to then end the day with a sunset kiss standing on a bridge.

2. Push the Env-Elope Earrings: Working as a shop girl, I would be coming into work on Valentines day. I’m dusting and organizing inventory in the back when I hear the bell to the shop door ring. Quickly, I run to the front of the store to only see the back of a stylish fella dash around the corner. Afraid he’s shoplifted something, I scan the store for something out of place and see a small box has been left on the counter. A note with my name on the front is attached and the note reads, “I’m not great with words, so here are my love letters.” I open the box to find a set of sweet earrings.

3. Viva La Velvet Skirt in Merlot: I’m at a dive bar located somewhere in the Pacific Northwest and have paired this skirt with a Bikini Kill t-shirt and thrifted combat boots. I have no plans but not opposed to meeting someone new, I pay for my own drinks and will be at the front of the stage by the end of the night.

4. Wonder for the Record Books Dress in Magenta: Chocolate chip cookies in the oven and a pot roast in the crock-pot, I’m channeling my inner Stepford Wife to surprise my love with a homed cooked meal! Everything is perfect down to the centerpiece, my secret to the cookies is Pillsbury dough and the wine is two-buck chuck.

5.  Colorblock Your World Coat: It’s raining and a-la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s I’m trying to race off to the airport. Black umbrella in hand, I’m fumbling through my purse to double check my passport is inside. The passport still misplaced, I drop the umbrella and myself to the ground in a desperate search to find it as quickly as possible. A yellow taxi has just pulled up and as I’ve finally found the passport, I look up to see an attractive person about to steal my taxi but instead waits and asks if I’d like to share the cab ride.

Modcloth has been adding a lot of new items to their Sweetheart Shop, but this promotion can be applied to any purchase – no code necessary. I don’t know about you, but free makeup is a solid incentive to stimulate the economy.

modcloth long banner
Deal: Valentine’s Gift With Purchase For Orders of $150+
Start: Monday 2/1 at 9 am PT, 12 pm ET
End: While supplies last

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The following post includes affiliate links to Society 6, for my full disclosure statement please click here.  

I love window shopping. Bowerbird and I both enjoy perusing a cute a store for interesting knick knacks and cool clothes. Now that I’ve vowed to eat only brown rice and beans during January, attempting to save up every dime I can for the wedding, my window shopping has gone into overdrive. And not only has my desire to purchase ever cute thing in site increase, there is soo much cute stuff to buy. I am a consumer whore! Since I can’t click add to cart, I figured I’d start a window shopping series so I could share all my adorable finds with my internet friends. Maybe someone can benefit from the savers conundrum, “need to save money, finds everything on the planet worth spending money on.”

Coffee, First T-shirt Henn Kim on Society 6

1. Coffee, First Unisex V-neck Tshirt from Henn Kim | $24 : I’ve been a big fan of Society 6 for a long time. It’s this great website where artists can sell their designs printed on various high-quality goods, like tote-bags, t-shirts, rugs, cell phones cases, and so on and so forth. The list seriously goes on and on. I’ve been thinking about adding more adorable and unique t-shirts to my life, which are ideal for a road trip lifestyle, and wanted to see what was available at Society 6. Seriously, how on point is this t-shirt? A girl drowning in her latte. It’s ideal for when I’m sleep deprived between states, both of alertness and geographical lines.

Rock Goddess Tourmaline Necklace

2. Raw Tourmaline Necklace by The Rock Star Goddess | $32 : Right after Thanksgiving I purchased a beautiful quartz necklace from The Rock Star Goddess and I’ve worn it every day since. But the above raw tourmaline necklace still sings out to me. I had debated between the quartz or the tourmaline and settled on the more delicate choice for everyday wear. Yet, I’m still completely in love with the gorgeous crystal and gold accent this necklace has. The Rock Star Goddess has a plethora of simple but stunning crystal jewelry in her Etsy store, I highly recommend checking it our if you’re a fellow crystal loving hippie.

Society 6 Samsung Galaxy S6 Cell Phone Case Abstract Art Ames

3. Ames – Abstract painting in free style modern colors Samsung Galaxy S6 case by Charlotte Winter | $35 : I recently purchased a new phone after my old one decided to break and not want to charge anymore. Isn’t it funny how phones have their own temperant very similar to that of toddlers. Well I’ve been dropping the phone a lot, cringing upon its every descent to the ground. I need to get a case, not a Society 6 case although they are beautiful and this one is my favorite find so far, but something cheaper and more practical. The two scariest words to any creative fashionista, cheap and practical.

Sydney Crossbody Fossil

4. Sydney Crossbody by Fossil | $98 : Isn’t she adorable!?!? This perfect crossbody by Fossil is covered in colorful paper airplane, although the website says hearts, and I’m just in love! It’s an ideal size for exploring with two pockets that fit all the essentials and then some. I’m already picturing myself in this bag at festivals or on weekend road trips. Oh, I have Christmas money and it is begging me to use it to purchase this purse but I must be practical. It’s just so darn adorable.  Walk away Bekka!!

Tribeca bud vase on

5. Tribeca Bud Vase by Shiraleah | $28 currently $19.60 on : Today I landed on a website called who’s branding is really similar to and while on Rad I was wondering, “hey what’s that other website.” It finally came to me and I went window shopping on I love their site for unique products and occasionally fantastic deals! I purchased a Hershel backpack for $12 on that site because of timing and a coupon code. I came across this sweet vase and was instantly attracted. I also learned this week that I love soft pink in patterns and art, but apparently not in flowers – #funfact. I’d love to have this beside my bed with baby’s breath peaking out of it. Waking up to seeing a beautiful piece of ceramic art next to my bed and a bit of nature.

Well, that’s everything I’ve been lusting over this week. I have to practice so much will power not to pull out my credit card and go a little crazy. Hopefully this curbs the shopping craving or maybe in a few months when I have more money and ahead in my savings, these items will be on sale!

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“Cool Girl” Style Conspiracy

The fashion world created the “cool girl” style and I will forever be grateful. Bed-head hairstyles, or quick top knots with bold lips and an excellent hand at liquid eyeliner. The women of New York realized they needed a solution to looking chic with as minimal effort as possible, because the women of New York are exhausted!

Yes, I am calling out the editors, assistants, associates, and the ambitious mothers of invention who work all-day and then network all night. Alarm clocks set to the last possible minute before being late to work, buzzing to wake up hard working individuals, desperate for at least 6 hours of sleep. There is no time for a beauty routine longer than ten minutes when you need to get ready quickly. Throw on a simple ensemble of stylish black pants, an effortless tailored top, and maybe a jacket, if the weather calls for it, and it’s out the door. Presentable, but not haggard at their day jobs, because under those stylish glasses, below the perfect cat eye, and covered by a Nars concealer are their “bags of honor.”

Puffy and dark, the bags under one’s eye indicates a lack of sleep due to the drive and determination one has to succeed, all while not giving up their social life. By Thursday, I am rocking my own “bags of honor”… with a full time job, freelance projects, passion project, and happily the supportive girlfriend of a musician, my body and beauty routine has learned to cope on 5.5 hours of sleep.

I will not look in the mirror and judge myself for not looking like a well rested teenager, my skin a little sallow and eyes possibly glazed. No, I will see my puffy, dark circles and declare them my “bags of honor”; for my week has been filled with new connections, tending to old friendships, accomplishing fabulous projects, and being an essential member of my 9-5 team.  All while running on B-vitamins, lots of coffee, water and whatever I can remember to feed myself.

New York is a city fueled by ambition, and the fashion publishing industry. With an increase in easy hairstyle and quick beauty stories, I’m happy they dubbed what was previously known as “the rushed look” the “cool girl” style. No longer does this California girl have to look polished by spending hours on her hair for an at home blow out.  All I need is dry shampoo and a good concealer. Covering my “bags of honor” only to make every one wonder… how does she do it!

cool girl style collage

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5 Steps To Clean Out Your Closet

anxiety attack prevention

My name is Bekka, and I get anxiety attacks when I have to clean out my closet and donate the clothes. I’m not a hoarder. I just have an intense love of nostalgia, a wicked good memory, and a very creative sense of style. The rule, “if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in a year, then donate it” has never applied to me. There are three hundred and sixty five days in a year and some days call for a wardrobe change. If my t-shirt has a stain no worries, it can be covered with a cardigan. If my sweater has a hole, well it goes great under my jacket. If it’s too old to be worn in respectable company, keep it to work out in or better yet paint the house! As you can see, getting rid of clothing is not easy for me.

Last year my boyfriend moved into the house I’ve lived in my entire life. In the midst of my twenties, I had yet to do a massive purge and now I had to fit another person’s belongings into my life history. Even more, I had to now share my closet!

Queue the anxiety and irrational panic, but in the meantime, I had to make room for my guy. If you have a hard time getting rid of clothes or items that are attached to memories, things you don’t use and take up more space than what can be easily stored in a shoebox, then I bestow my wisdom, gained from 5 big black bags of donated clothes, purses, and shoes, to help you through a purge- in 5 easy steps!

1) Put your donated clothes in a big black trash bag, and don’t open it! Whatever you do, avoid the second look. Trust that whatever is in there, you decided to put in there for a very valid reason. Like a bad relationship, don’t revisit the good memories and know it’s time to let go.

2) If there is a hole, stain on the clothing, or it does not fit that well: get rid of it. Remove the clothing item from your closet, even if a sweater can hide the stain or the hole isn’t even that noticeable. If you’re in the position where room must be made then hard decisions will need to take place. There were some pieces that I had worn through the best of times, great shows and fun nights out, but in the end it was good to have adeal breaker in place.

3) Hold on to the memory in a picture.  I took a lot of pictures of purses, team sweatshirts, dresses, etc. The pictures were a way of me being able to hold on to the item, without it physically taking up space. Admittedly, I haven’t looked at those pictures and probably never will, but at the time it was my way of holding onto a little piece of that possession, so I could remove it from my life, because I refuse to let my possessions possess me.

donate to salvation army

4) Make up a story about the new owner. Yup, this might sound nutty but it worked! I had a green purse with a leather butterfly on it that I had never really used. I thought it was really cute, but it wasn’t my style. Yet it could be my style one day… see where the crazy talk starts kicking in? So, I had to beat crazy with crazy and I imagined a free spirited, thirteen year-old girl who purchased my cool purse.  She’s super excited to bring it to school Monday then, she gets compliments from all her friends. This imaginary girl was going to have way more fun with this bag, than I ever would… into the black donate bag it went!

5) Tailor your style. Just because it fits, it doesn’t mean it’s you. Pick a style icon and ask yourself, “Would Audrey Hepburn wear this? Could I zip around on a moped in 1960’s France like Francoise Hardy in this outfit?” A perk of getting older is knowing yourself better.  Don’t just keep clothes because you have them, but keep them because they still reflect who you are today. I used to be angry, jaded, and had lots of punk style clothing; but that’s not who I am anymore. I said goodbye to my pink plaid pants and made room for cute ankle cut slim fit trousers.

francois hardy iconic style


classic audrey hepburn street style

Now these rules didn’t take away my sinking feeling or accelerated heart rate when removing these bags from my car and into the donation box. I was still uncomfortable and irritable, not a happy camper but, I also know it was all for the best.  I took a few deep breaths and let my rational brain talk to the emotional and irrational part, because I know how silly and superficial all that anxiety is.

Good luck on your purge and I hope my tips help you the next time you’re moving or have to make room for someone else. Until then, enjoy that t-shirt with the pit stains no one can see under your adorable cardigan. If you like it, then VIVA!

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