March 29, 2014

Berry Ginger Cosmopolitan – Vita Frute Cocktail Review

Last night there was an earthquake and when I went to duck under my desk, I made sure to bring my cocktail with me.

Strawberry Gingeraid Cocktail with Vita Frute Cocktails

I was given the chance to try Vita Frute Cocktails through a Klout Perk. Normally my spirits of choice are all brown and a part of the same family; Whiskey, Scotch, and Bourbon. But I’m not one to say no to trying new things.  An Acai Spirit, I thought it would be similar to Vodka.  I’m also not usually a Vodka drinker, but over the past year Mules have grown on me. As I really don’t care for sugary sweet drinks, I wanted to dilute the Vita Frute  pre-made cocktails. Being Mule inspired I purchased a really good ginger beer to mix with it, Maine Root Ginger Brew.

So without  further ado, the Berry Ginger Cosmopolitan

 A Few sliced strawberries,
Some good ginger beer ( or ginger aid) poured over ice
 Finish with Vita Frute Cosmopolitan on top.

The drink was good, not trendy restaurant worthy, but drinkable. Though honestly the Vita Frute tasted syrupy to me, and reminded me of something I would drink when I was 18 and my friends didn’t have whiskey.  I still have the Lemonade flavor to try, and I’m thinking I’ll make a blackberry ginger lemonade cocktail.  The jury is still out whether I would purchase this again, maybe for a party to provide different options. Although the ginger brew I bought had a very strong distinct flavor, and could have taken away from the potential brilliance of my cocktail. It wouldn’t be my go to spirit, but I think girls that do love sugary drinks and pay attention to calories when drinking would enjoy this.

Purchasing my Vita Frute was an adventure  in itself, read about my Frute time at WeHo Pavilions.


Have you tried Vita Frute? What do you think? 

March 28, 2014

Getting Frute at WeHo Pavilions

Let me just say I had one of the best experiences at the WeHo Pavilions on Santa Monica today. Filled with laughter and good vibes, I literally and figuratively saw rainbows as I left.  A month ago I received a Klout perk for Vita Frute Cocktails by Veev Sprits. Veev apparently is an Acai based spirit, and the cocktails are “The first line of organic and all-natural ready-to-drink cocktails. Just shake, pour over ice and enjoy! “.

My translation, Yay, organic alcohol with fewer calories so if you are keen on putting your liver through the ringer at least you know it won’t be affected by pesticides.  Clearly the marketing behind the alcohol isn’t for me, as I don’t care about any of that. I’m a solid taste based person, but then I never say no to a good Klout Perk. Although I did say no to the McDonalds Chicken Nuggets, I just didn’t need 20 nuggets for free, but I digress.

The perk was $25 off Vita Frute, which equates to 2 bottles free (basically), but it’s only available at Vons/Pavilions. After receiving this coupon, I noticed all the Vons or Pavilions around me are incredibly inconvenient to get to. The coupon expires Monday, so I was intending on getting my free booze this weekend. And then suddenly like a beautiful Unicorn, there is a Pavilions right next to work event I went to.

After the work thing I go into Pavilions, head straight for the spirits and with a metaphorical glowing halo light; there are only two bottles left. The two flavors I wanted, Cosmopolitan and Lemonade. These were also on sale for $7.20, previously $17.99. No wonder it’s practically sold out. Anyways I mosey to the cash register, a short line, and go to place that item divider bar thing between my bottles and the woman in front of me when I hear her say “Oh no”  or  “mmm hmm” –please reference video.

Taken a back, I immediately pull my hand away thinking I have pissed this person off. I mean its West Hollywood, just earlier I saw a woman in a thong and see-through lace skirt. Sometimes a few marbles are loose. She then turns to me, with a sweet as pie smile along with incredibly embarrassed expression and said “Oh sweetie, I’m on the phone”. The woman, cashier, and I all burst out into boisterous laughter.

The friendly cashier, who was still giggling along with me over what just happened, wrung up by two bottles of Vita Frute that were at a discount. When I gave him the coupon for $25, well the bottles only wrung up for $15. Needless to say it confused the system. He had to find a manager to discuss further steps.  Now it’s a Friday night, after work, and I have become “that person”. Feeling terrible that due to my coupon, the cashier has abandoned the line; I turn to the man behind me and make a light joke and apologize.  He tells me not to worry about it, and he had zoned out for a minute completely forgetting he was in a grocery store.

Just then the cashier came back saying they would need to keep the coupon, but manually could do the discount. I know I was technically losing $10 on the coupon, since the bottles were only $15. But at the same time I was supposed to receive two complimentary bottles, and two complimentary bottles I was getting.  The man that was standing behind me asked about the alcohol I was buying, and I explained it was an Acai Sprit Organic New Alcohol. He seemed interested, and maybe he will try it in the future.

Anyways, I left that Pavilions filled with laughter and good vibes. The bagger even complimented my dress! Seriously rainbows people, rainbows…

Read about the Berry Ginger Cosmopolitan Cocktail I made with Vita Frute

vita frute coccktails by Veev Spirits


February 20, 2014

Chit Chat : Social Media Networks

ME:  Twitter is like a fine fancy lady you have to wine and dine her but she’ll put out.  Facebook is a girl with low self esteem, if you say she is pretty she is all over you. Just hard to find the girl with low self esteem.

LIZ: Facebook is the bitch who promises she’ll blow you if you give her $100 but then only lets you touch her boobs for a few seconds.


twitter social media interaction



Twitter is a lot of effort in the amount of time and outreach you need to put into it, but it can gain a lot of traction quickly yielding great engagement and brand awareness.

Facebook has limited the amount of content that enters your Newsfeed to the point that a very small pool of people end up actually seeing the content you post, leading to low engagement unless you invest in the content with hard dollars. 

February 19, 2014

Video Tasting of Epic Protein Bars

The Good , The Bad,  And The “This Ain’t No Slim Jim”

I decided to get a little more serious with my YouTube channel in 2014. Aiming to post weekly videos and becoming more a part of this community I watch on fairly regular basis. I’m not a beauty guru. Honestly I’m not sure what my channel is focused on except what interest me, just making videos I’d want to watch. Like a first impression video tasting of epic protein bars. I saw a deal for Epic Protein Bars on, and I really loved the concept for the bars along with the packaging. But I wasn’t ready to whip out my Panda Debit Card to purchase the sample box quite yet. So I went to YouTube to see if there were any people recording a video tasting epic protein bars. And there were none, which discouraged my potential purchase.

By the time I found some bars at Whole Foods, it had been 4 months since I first saw them on I checked again, and there were some videos on Epic Protein Bars. But none I could relate to, or being tasted by someone that wasn’t a manly man/athlete that would automatically love the unleashed animal flavor. I needed a lady, a girl that wasn’t too frilly with a dash of sass and adventurous style to tell me this was the epic protein bar of her dreams.

Considering I didn’t find this girl, I decided to become her. Wrangling my friend Liz* in this tasty adventure, she agreed to not only try epic protein bars on camera with me, but she would film it with her amazing camera. And let me tell you, her set up produces videos WAY better than my Samsung Galaxy S4 videos. We had a lot of fun making this video, and I’ve been having a lot of fun doing YouTube videos.

I know my quality isn’t epic, but sometimes you just have to try until you can get the right equipment. If you wait till everything is perfect to even start a project, one might never start. Because there is always an excuse as to why it won’t be right this time. Sure my videos are too long, because I don’t have an editing system. The lighting is awful, because I’m shooting on my phone. But I have 5 more followers than I did on January 1, and I feel that’s 5 more people I get to make smile over my ridiculousness. My mom said I was born FUN, like I just have a sense of FUN about me. I love that, and there are times to do things exactly right and times just to have fun. YouTube is fun, and well so was making this video tasting of Epic Protein Bars.

[ visit Liz's Blog at ]

December 22, 2013


My New Years resolution for 2013 was to write for Hello Giggles. The year went by and I always talked about content ideas, but never wrote anything up. Then with only 4 weeks till the end of 2013, I got to work! Creating this simple DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper Pictorial. I submitted the article to Hello Giggles twice, even tweeted at the editor, yet never received a response. I think it’s safe to say that they will not be publishing my article. And thus I shall post it here! It’d  be ridiculous to let a perfectly good DIY post go to waste.

Here is my article I wrote for Hello Giggles on how to make your own DIY Holiday Gift Wrap. HAPPY HOLIDAYS <3

DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper – Incredibly Easy & Cheap!

By Bekka (Last Name)

I understand you bring your own bags to the grocery store on a fairly consistent basis. But you needed Almond Milk, Kale Chips, and a bushel of Organic Bananas that one day when your totes were at home. Now is the perfect time to turn those brown bags into adorable Holiday Wrapping paper!

You don’t have to be artistically talented to create your own eco-friendly and stylish wrapping paper. Painting all the patterns with my non-dominate hand, I want to show how ANYONE with mild hand eye coordination could create cute “made with love” Holiday Wrapping Paper.

Beauty is in the imperfections right? The key to this DIY is to NOT be overly critical of your execution.  Inconsistencies become a part of the look.

All Wrapped Up

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December 18, 2013

Defining My Internet Identity

BMAOI GoodbyeMy life on the internet became a teenager this year, thirteen to be exact. My internet life was born on Xanga, then moved on to Live Journal, followed by Myspace, Blogspot, Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr etc.  And with my internet teen years came the internet insecurity. Who am I? What is my place in this corner of the world, and better yet what will everyone call me? This is how I’ve come to defining my internet identity. 

I’ve been personal blogging since 2002. Keeping the online diary no one you actually know is supposed to read.  Most of it was about boys, and if it (the name/url) didn’t change as much as it did I might have a solid following as a girl with a terrible dating life. People across the internet would have been cheering when I met Bowerbird and our love story panned out. But I was always nervous of my embarrassing internal thoughts on my dating life, being revealed to me by someone I actually knew. So it moved, a lot. Although someone in Arkansas always seemed to find me, and I appreciated their readership.

In 2009 I decided to take blogging more seriously, and created the music and art blog inspired by teeny bopper magazines; which till this day I still have and occasionally update.  “My Favorite MAOI” is the only blog name I’ve had longer than a year. But of course it didn’t start out with that name, no it was originally and then later, until I graduated to a domain.  Sometime around 2010 I opened a twitter account with the username myfavmaoi. But I didn’t really become active on it till this past year to be honest.

When Instagram came out I wanted it to involve MAOI but knew people would start typing B first to try and find me so I made the name B_MAOI. I was really happy with it, excited! Changed my twitter handle and used it everywhere I could think of. But alas this name I had to let go of.  Because in 2011 I started my last and final personal blogging destination, having picked a name so special I would never want to change it; Blanket Fort Adventures.  Now a more mature blogger who had decided to not blog about terrible personal thoughts that should only be reserved for a diary; I wanted a place to share neutral helpful inspiring and sometimes funny thoughts and adventures.  [I have a blogging addiction]

BMAOI Instagram


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December 6, 2013

The Circle of Gift Giving : Gifts that Give Back

This holiday season I’m being more aware of where my money is going. My intent is buy only from local (made in America) vendors and socially conscious companies. This post is about the gifts that give back!  Those gifts that a portion of the purchase will be going towards a charity, organization, or a person in a developing country to better their life. I haven’t decided on the different sites, charities, and fair trade projects that I will be going through for my gift shopping. I’m looking at other full time bloggers more comprehensive list for suggestions. But I wanted to share two sites that you might not know about, and after the jump are two sites you probably have.

My sister purchased gifts a few years ago from The Women’s Bean Project, an organization that helps break the cycle of poverty and chronic unemployment for women. She put a chili making kit in a white elephant gift exchange which landed with my mom, who made the chili and it was yummers. Definitely a great gift idea for the people in your life that don’t have room for more possessions. Also it’s a Colorado based organization, and I like that its helping its community in the States.


Large Gourmet Basket – $70

For the less kitchen friendly friends, maybe some jewelry from The Giving Keys a company that employs the homeless and provides hope. My former coworker and I got in a heated argument about these keys last year I will not rehash, but I think its a cool company.


Classic Pendant – $35.00


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November 23, 2013

Rabbit Hole Discoveries

Instead of Friday Favorites how about I share what peaks my interest while meandering around the internet. One neat discovery leads me to another, and I end up clicking link after link, a process I like to call my journey down the rabbit hole. Here is a short tail…

I love the artist Timothy Karpinksi, his work possesses a cozy whimsy I fell in love with instantly. His piece, “Ready to see my Sweetheart” is the first piece of art I ever bought.  Funny how the man I’m madly in love with, kind of looks like the boy in the piece.


I was searching Thinkspace’s website to see what available work they had of Tim’s and think I found a piece I want to get for Bowerbird and I. But I won’t share that.

On Tim’s site there is a video of him being interviewed for Jackass Television created by a Lauren Graham. The art show featured in the interview is where the piece I purchased was first shown. Poking around Lauren’s Viemo channel I can see she has grown into quite the professional creative director since then. I loved looking through her “live action” look books, but more so I got sucked into following the adventures of her and a friend in an short web-series made 3 years ago.


I’m seriously addicted to her channel and her talent!

An article I read about Instagram Envy lead me to my next discovery,  an intriguing lady name Ms. Stephanie LaCava. She’s a notable voice in the world of Fashion, writer, and knows multiple languages. Having worked for magazines around the world, she definitely gives an air of mystery. I think imagining Stephanie’s life is more magical than possibly having it. I mean she is real, and undoubtedly lives a life of luxury and glamour. But from my little corner of the inter-web she is only a character, and characters really get to be dolls to your imagination.  She wrote a book I’m very interested in reading, on a cloudy day wrapped in a green cardigan and oversized t-shirt, sitting on a nook with warm tea by my side.


I found the above photo on the Sophist blog, looks like a site I could wander around in.  

Oh did you know model Jessica Stam has a Spotify playlist on SkullCandy’s website? Yeah, neither did I, and I haven’t checked it out yet. Only found it cause I need new ear buds, well I don’t need them but I really want new ones.


So that’s it, those are the highlights of this rabbit hole adventure. Although you will probably see my other finds sprinkled across social media. I do seem to find quite a bit that amuses me.  But here I’ll narrate their tail* to discovery.

*please realize I am purposely misspelling tale!*

November 12, 2013

How to dress like Alexa Chung

Basically Bekka:

I love Mangomini’s illustrations. They are all spot on and delightful. Just had to reblog this one, as Alex Chung has been a girl crush of mine (and many) since I Googled her after coming across MTV’s It’s ON with Alex Chung back in 2009. Her whit and charm just hypnotized me, and now I patiently await reading her book. Which could be incredibly dull, but I optimistically doubt that.

Originally posted on Mangomini:

This week’s column for Hello Giggles is dedicated to the style of Alexa Chung. What do you think?


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November 7, 2013

How to Clean a Textured Steering Wheel?

I’ve tried everything to clean my textured Toyota Yaris Steering Wheel; baby wipes, Windex, Lysol disinfecting wipes,  even Armor All cleansing wipes  and nothing has worked till now! Target’s Up&Up Apricot Exfoliating Facial Wipes, I love you.


The outside of my wheel is protected by a now janky Curious George steering wheel cover purchased in 2006. As others may understand, the exposed portion of my wheel still collects dead skin cells and dirt like no bodies business. Especially when you take car makeup touchups into consideration, let the powder dust fly. The grooves in my textured Steering Wheel turning a nice beige color over the years. A hue perfect for suede pants, and only tells me in a tone of judgment “gurl your dirty”. Hence my excitement for this new life/ cleaning hack.

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